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LULI2000 - Very High Velocity Impact to study innovative debris shielding in Bulk Metallic Glass (D. Loison)

This proposal concerns the study of the mechanical behavior of bulk metallic glasses (BMG) under very high velocity impact conditions using fragmentation process produced by laser. Laser shock will be produced onto thin metallic samples (Al,Cu, Sn) to produced high velocity ejecta that will impact bulk metallic glass shield behind the metallic sample. This configuration coupled with complementary diagnostics (HV, VISAR, shadowgraphy) allows for the characterization of ejecta (spall, cloud, jet) and the observation of the shield behavior up to crack initiation and perforation.

Damage generation will be related to local material properties. Specific and well-characterized glasses will be produced exclusively (structural glasses such as bulk metallic glasses with different compositions). The aim of this campaign is to gather pertinent data (plasticity, shear flow, shock wave propagation, fracture) that may be used later on for comparison and validation of the modeling approach. The final objective is the development of a predictive approach of the material behavior in order to avoid damage initiation from the extrinsic defects (surface cracks, roughness). This project brings together expert teams across all disciplines involved: Glass material, Laser shocks and Modeling techniques.

These experimental tools are also of interest to study the Very High Impact Velocity – laser plasma correspondence.


LULI2000 - S20/2019