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LULI2000 - Study of the solid-solid and solid-liquid phase transitions of shock- and ramp-compressed tin with x-ray diffraction (A. Denoeud)

The experiment will study the phase diagram of Tin, as well as the dynamics of its phase transitions at high strain rates using laser-driven X-ray diffraction. The nature of the solid phases of Tin on the range of 10-100 GPa and 500-3000 K is indeed misunderstood and the kinetics of the different solid-solid and solid-liquid phase transition are complex. Laser-driven shock and ramp compression allows reaching and sweeping this particular part of the phase diagram. Moreover, these technics allow varying strain rates in the ns time scale, which is in the order of the characteristic transition time for the different phase transition that we want to study. At last, by using pulsed X-ray diffraction, we can identify in-situ phases and follow their temporal evolutions. This will give new insight into the phase transition mechanisms.


LULI2000 - S41-S43/2019