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LULI2000 - Structural investigations of planetary constituting materials (E. Brambrink)

Planetary models require the properties of constituting materials at multi-Mbar pressures such as Equation of States or electrical conductivity. Especially phase transition, e. g. melting, can change material properties drastically and are good constrains for predictive first-principle models. The extreme pressures existing in planetary interiors require dynamic compression with laser, which can provide steady states only on the (sub-) ns time scale. Therefore, structural diagnostics with a sufficient temporal resolution are required to investigate these transient states. The experimental campaign will use pulsed x-ray diffraction to study phase transitions and dissociation of iron, MgSiO3 and Mg2SiO4 at planetary mantle and core pressures.


LULI2000: S35-36 / 2017