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LULI2000 - High pressure equation of state measurement of planetary ice III (A. Ravasio)

Planetary ices are considered as made of a complex mixture of water, ammonia and methane, H2O NH3 and CH4 in solar proportions. They are thought to be the major constituents of the giant planets in our solar system. The behaviour of these compounds at high temperatures and pressures (T>2000K, P>20 GPa) is therefore crucial to understand Uranus and Neptune, but also the extra solar planets. Despite its importance, planetary ice EOS is not constraint at all, in particular for high pressures. Actually, no data describing their behaviour at pressures higher than 200 GPa is reported. In this triennial project we propose to combine dynamic compression from laser generated shock waves with static pre-compression in diamond anvil cell to extend the knowledge of planetary mixture behaviour to high pressures/high temperatures phase diagram regions.

This proposal concerns the third year experiment of the three-year project and focuses on equation of state and transport properties of the complex C-H-O and C-H-N-O mixtures at high pressures.

LULI2000 - S49-51/2018