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Laser-plasma electron acceleration

The laser-plasma electron acceleration program on CILEX will grasp the opportunity of the APOLLON laser to explore new acceleration domains.

A dedicated electron beamline will thus be developed and equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to diagnose spatial and spectral beam profiles or measure emittance, pulse duration and charge. Dipoles and quadrupoles will allow transporting it for various applications.

The following topics will be studied:

  • single-stage laser plasma acceleration, exploring a variety of scenarios, from strongly to weakly nonlinear regimes, from self-guiding to capillary guiding, depending on the laser intensity;

  • multi-stage laser plasma acceleration;
  • positron production and acceleration;
  • betatron production;
  • synchrotron radiation, thanks to the coupling to an undulator (figure below), FEL amplification, etc.

Members of the thematic group

  • Bruni Christelle (LAL)
  • Chancé Antoine (CEAA/IRFU)
  • Couprie Marie-Emmanuelle (SOLEIL)
  • Cros Brigitte (LPGP)
  • Davoine Xavier (CEA/DIF)
  • Delerue Nicolas (LAL)
  • Dobosz-Dufrénoy Sandrine (LIDyL)
  • Gremillet Laurent (CEA/DIF)
  • Malka Victor (LOA)
  • Marquès Jean-Raphaël (LULI)
  • Martin Philippe (LIDyL)
  • Maynard Gilles (LPGP)
  • Monot Pascal (LIDyL)
  • Mora Patrick (CPhT)
  • Rimbaut Cécile (LAL)
  • Specka Arnd (LLR)
  • Schwindling Jérôme (CEA/IRFU)