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La video "Laser wakefield acceleration of electrons" primée au concours photo-vidéo 2021 de Plas@Par

The awarded Particle-In-Cell simulation, performed by the SMILEI team, of laser wakefield acceleration of electron was performed using the quasi-cylindrical (azimuthal mode decomposition) mode in Smilei. The laser (in red) propagates through a low density plasma and drives a nonlinear Langmuir wave (in blue) that propagates at a velocity close to that of light in its wake. In this simulation, a moving window is used so we can follow the laser as it propagates through the plasma. We see electrons being self-injected in this wakefield where they see a strong electric field that accelerate them up to ultra-relativistic (GeV) energy level.

Voir la video sur le site de la Fédération Plas@Par ici.