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ELFIE - Plasma devices for high intensity, sub-ps, laser manipulation (L. Lancia)

Offering a possible way to overcome the limits of conventional solid-state optics by at least 4 orders of magnitude, transient plasma photonic devices have been lately a subject of increasing attention. The aim of this experiment is to study the properties of such transient structures with respect to the possibilities they offer in manipulating light at very high intensities. In particular, ion gratings can be exploited to control the polarization of laser beams, can act as plasma-crystals or plasmamirrors, and can redirect energy from one beam to amplify the other in a plasma amplifier scheme. In this experiment we will assess the possibility of realizing a plasma waveplate and a plasma polarizer for a sub-ps intense laser pulse, we will establish the feasibility of creating a tunable, transient plasma mirror, as numerically and theoretically predicted, and we aim at optimizing the plasma amplifier scheme using an ion grating (Brillouin backscattering mechanism) with a new setup featuring two pump lasers.

ELFIE S44-48/2018