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Astrophysics with High Power Lasers and Laboratory Plasmas

This workshop gathers astrophysicists and plasma physicists from the French research community working on astrophysical applications of laboratory plasma, and in particular those produced on high power lasers. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: radiation dominated flows, equation of state, opacities, collisional and collisionless shocks, turbulence, magnetized jets, kinetic and fluid instabilities, cosmic rays transport and acceleration, ...

The aim of the workshop is to promote interdisciplinary interactions and discussions around current topics of interest in space and astrophysics research, where laboratory experiments can help bring unique insights. The workshop will also be the platform to promote the preparation of a white paper on the same topic.

The workshop's programme includes exclusively invited review talks and invited tutorials. There will be dedicated poster sessions and we invite colleagues to submit an abstract to present a poster.

Registration and abstract submission deadline: 15 November 2021

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