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LULI2000 - Investigation of nonlocal heat transport and radiation heat exchange in laser-produced plasmas (L. Romagnani)

Heat conduction and radiant heat-exchange are fundamental processes in plasma physics and they play a major role in different contexts, such as laboratory and astrophysical plasmas. Modeling nonlocal transport and radiative effects is generally a non-trivial problem, and detailed experimental investigations are required to test the different theoretical and numerical approaches (nonlocal transport models, multi-group diffusion etc.) that can be found in the literature. In this experiment we exploit an experimental platform (based on the interaction of short and intense laser pulses with atomic cluster jets) for the generation of radiating plasmas with pronounced thermal gradients, i.e. in conditions that are ideal to investigate electron diffusion and plasma radiation. Our investigations have a strong focus on the characterization of the temperature distribution in the plasma, which is a critical parameter for these processes, as well as on the full characterization of the other relevant plasma parameters. Through comparison with numerical simulations, this will I principle allow a deeper understanding of these processes and of their relative interplay in determining the plasma dynamics.

LULI2000 : S24-S26 / 2016