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LULI2000 - Dehydration under shock compression on chondritic minerals: implication for planet formation and for planetesimals (M. Harmand)

The origin of water on Earth, formed in an area where models and geochemical data predict dry planetesimals, is an open question. To address this pending question, it is necessary to understand how the vectors of water – cometary materials or hydrated asteroidal materials - would deliver this water upon impacts. Previous measurements have shown the importance of kinetics effect during impact, changing significantly the stability (P,T) domain of hydrated chondritic minerals such as serpentine. This underlines the importance of in-situ study of Mg-righ and Fe-rich serpentine under shock. Here we propose to couple in-situ measurements by using optical diagnostics (VISAR, SOP) and post-analysis on recovery sample.

LULI2000 : S31-32 / 2016
co-PI : E. Brambrink (LULI)