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Welcome to the LULI website ...

The research topics tackled on the LULI laser facilities, from atoms to stars, and by the lab teams are varied but are all connected either to high-energy-density physics (above 109-1011 J/m3) or to ultra-high intensity physics (above 1018 W/cm2).

Exploring the most fundamental aspects of plasma physics, they are conducted along 3 main issues:

  • support very-large-scale international infrastructures, operational or under construction, in which France has invested,
  • prepare societal applications of laser technology,
  • support industrial R&D.

The LULI contribution may be expressed through (i) a deepening of our basic knowledge of the physical mechanisms underlying radiation- or particle-matter interaction and (ii) the validation of concepts, instruments or innovative diagnostic techniques, even facility design.

The LULI research activities contribute to answer to 4 questions, some of them being derived from the most captivating 125 questions listed by Science [309, 75 (2005)].

  1. How the growing need for clean, safe and sustainable energy is to be met in future?
  2. Can we get rid of the most undesirable side effects of cancer radiation therapy?
  3. What are the origins of the Universe and its possible evolution?
  4. How to achieve the ultimate laser power?