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Studying at LULI

Training students in high-power laser technology and laser-produced plasmas is a key mission of the laboratory.
With its unique human-scale facilities, located in an exceptional scientific environment and participating in numerous national (for instance through the Institut Laser-Plasma and CEA) and international collaborations with all the groups working in these reasearch fields, LULI is an ideal place for the training of undergraduate students, PhDs and post-docs. pour la formation d'étudiants en master, en thèse et en post-doctorat. Carrier prospects include academic carriers (CNRS, French or foreign Universities), CEA (DSM et DAM) and private sector jobs.

The main Master specialities corresponding to the LULI fields of research are (1) Physics of Plasmas & Fusion and Large-scale Facilities in Ile-de-France, et (2) Science of fusion & plasmas in the provinces (Marseille, Bordeaux, Nancy). More on the web site of the Federation "Education for plasma and fusion sciences".

Various scholarship opportunities exist for french or foreing students wanting to follow a PhD cursus at LULI. Please directly contact the lab for more information and visit the web sites of the doctoral schools "Physique en Île-de-France" (EDPIF) and "Ondes et Matière" (EDOM).

PhD positions for 2018-2019