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"Interaction laser-plasma" research team

Laser-plasma interaction physics is focusing on all processes that govern the propagation of laser beams into plasmas as well as their coupling. Its understanding is then essential for many fields of applications from inertial confinement laser fusion to particle acceleration or production of secondary sources. The team's objective is to study the mechanisms involved in these processes for a wide range of interaction conditions: laser pulse duration (ns/ps), laser intensity (1014-1019 W/cm2) and plasma parameters (as electron density and temperature).


Research topics

Optimization of laser-plasma coupling in fusion-relevant conditions

  • effect of the laser wavelength on the saturated level of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS)
  • study of the saturation level of Stimulated Raman Scattering in the absolute regime (SRS)
  • laser smoothing and imprint reduction with a foam layer in the multikilojoule regime
  • identification of laser-plasma interaction issues in shock ignition

Laser-plasma interaction physics for hole boring & channeling

  • analytical & numerical studies of hole boring in a DT pellet and fast ignition with ultra-intense laser pulses
  • enhancement of propagation for relativistic laser pulses in inhomogeneous plasmas using hollow channels

Exploration of innovative fusion concepts & technologies

  • feasibility analysis (dimesioning) of a bier-based inertial fusion laser driver

Fundamental plasma physics

  • production of nuclear reactions initiated by laser


Team composition
- C. Labaune, team leader, DR1 CNRS
- C. Baccou, PhD student
- C. Neuville, PhD student