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Functional organizational chart & governance

The LULI Direction is relying on a Laboratory Council (Conseil de Laboratoire - CLabo) for all everyday affairs of the unit.

For each of the operational laser and experimental facilities, a fully-dedicated operation team has been formed and a facility manager nominated. The operations team is in charge of the day-to-day operation of the facility (switch on/off, preventive and curative maintenance) and is involved in relevant R&D tasks; in addition, on LULI2000 only, it is in charge of shot delivery and performance analysis. The main task of the facility manager is to suggest technological or operational improvements and to ensure operational readiness of the facility: scheduling of maintenance and preparation of the experimental campaigns, including assessment of their technical and radiological feasibility prior to evaluation by the Program Committee.

Each project benefits from a dedicated project team, under the responsability of a projet manager.

The administrative and technical staff, not assigned to the above-mentionned teams, is split up into support groups.

The research staff is also split up into research teams.

Beamtime of the LULI laser facilities is yearly allocated by an external and independent Program Committee.

The UMR agreement is placing the laboratory under supervision of a Board of Directors  (Conseil d’Administration – CA -) which supervises the progress of the on-going projects, decides on the LULI investment policy and running budgets, relying on a Financial Supervision Committee, and on the experimental program on the LULI facilities, taking into account suggestions from the Program Committee.