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Research topics

Once focused into tiny spots, high-power lasers, including x-ray free electron lasers, are perfect sources to study laser-matter interaction at high intensity, to produce matter in extreme conditions of temperature and pressure, at high energy density and often in out-of-equilibrium regimes, and to produce brief and intense sources of radiation and high-energy particles as well as intense electro-magnetic fields.

The research addressed by the LULI teams is more specifically dedicated to high energy density physics, which first covers all the aspects of inertial fusion for energy: laser-plasma interaction, laser-produced plasma hydrodynamics and equations of state at high pressure, atomic physics in hot plasmas and the study of their radiative properties in non-equilibrium conditions, and other topics linked to alternative fusion schemes: fast and shock ignition. 

AU sein d'une enceinte expérimentale du LULIThe research conducted at LULI is however much more diverse to cover a large variety of topics related to hot plasma physics and their applications: the study of matter at high energy density for laboratory astrophysics (radiative shocks, jets, etc) or planetary physics (fusion curves for iron and iron alloys, etc), the study of warm and dense matter (transport coefficients in poorly explored temperature and density conditions, fast ion stopping powers, etc), the optimization of radiation and high-energy particle sources and the proof-of-principe of innovative applications, the study of materials under shock loading, ...

This research is supported by the development of various experimental techniques and ultra-resolved (in time and in space) diagnostic methods: x-ray Thomson scattering, x-ray diffraction, proton radiography / deflectometry, ...

Apart this research in plasma physics, the laboratory is involved in innovative research and development programs on novel laser sources and associated technologies.