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Radiation sources

The activities proposed on APOLLON laser facility aim at extending the capabilities of the laser-induced radiation sources, currently emitting photons from typically 30 eV to tens of keV in beams of energy ranging from a few nJ to a few mJ and duration from a few tens of attoseconds to 10 nanoseconds.

Various approaches will be followed:

  • plasma mirrors: high-order harmonics emission from solids,
  • x-ray lasers: reaching shorter wavelengths and higher intensities, exploring new shemes such as inner-shell photo-pumping, breaking the ps duration barrier, etc,
  • betatron radiation,
  • and possibly flying mirrors.

Members of the thematic group

  • Audebert Patrick (LULI)
  • Boschetto Davide (LOA)
  • Cassou Kevin (LAL)
  • Couprie Marie-Emmanuelle (SOLEIL)
  • Cros Brigitte (LPGP)
  • Guilbaud Olivier (LPGP)
  • Kazamias Sophie (LPGP)
  • Klisnick Annie (ISMO)
  • Martin Philippe (LIDyL)
  • Maynard Gilles (LPGP)
  • Monot Pascal (LIDyL)
  • Quéré Fabien (LIDyL)
  • Ros David (LPGP)
  • Rousse Antoine (LOA)
  • Sebban Stépane (LOA)
  • TaPhuoc Kim (LOA)
  • Zeitoun Philippe (LOA)