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How to reach us

The LULI laboratory is mainly located on the École Polytechnique campus, in the Palaiseau district, south of Paris. Directions to reach the campus (by car or with public transportations) - as well as various maps and access requirements - can be found here. The laboratory is established on the ground floor of the building #84 and is protected by access control; visitors without badge can contact the LULI reception from external phones, dialing 53 00.

For security reasons, visitors without badge shall first go to the campus reception (in red on the map to be downloaded here ).

École Polytechnique has developed a mobile application X Campus (for Android and IOS) to simplify access to the campus for the visitors. More and dowload.

Arriving by car

For security purposes, access by car is only possible through the main gate (P5, north-est entrance) and - without EP badge - an ID document shall be provided; a car park for the visitors is located cour des cérémonies. The "laboratories' car park", west of the campus, is now outside the campus; a pedestrian access is open (working hours) just in front of the LULI laboratory.

information on the live traffic status

Arriving with the public transportations

The best solution to arrive on the Plateau de Saclay is to to arrive with the Trans-Essonne (91.06 - B or C - or 91.10) bus from the Massy-Palaiseau station (RER B). The stop "laboratoires", close to Thalès and Institut d'Optique, allows reaching LULI through the pedestrian access mentioned above.

LULI location on the Ecole Polytechnique campus

LULI is also located on

the Jussieu campus of UPMC, Paris proper, on the 4th floor between the towers 23 and 24 (subway station "Jussieu" on lines 7 or 10),
the CEA site of l'Orme des Merisiers and in the Algorithmes, in the Gif-sur-Yvette district, on the ground floor of the Euclide building.

Location of the APOLLON facility and offices at l'Orme des Merisiers and Algorithmes