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LULI2000 laser system

The LULI2000 laser hall contains 2 high-power single pulse neodymium glass laser chains (NORTH & SOUTH). Each beam can deliver up to 1 kJ at ω (1.053 µm) in the ns regime (nano2000 configuration).

The repetition rate is limited to 1 shot every 90 minutes (4-6 full-energy shots per day); a 10 Hz laser allows fast diagnostics alignement.

More on the LULI2000 laser architecture (in french only)

Implementation of the chirped pulsed amplification technique (CPA) on one of the laser chains (SOUTH – pico2000 configuration) authorizes operation of that chain in the ps regime. However, in order to avoid any grating damage, the delivered energy is limited to ~100 J in 1 ps (150 TW).

Two additional moderately energetic beams are available to increase the laser-based diagnostic capabilities (Thomson scattering, off-axis/on-axis radiography …) of the facility and to allow pump-probe experiments: the blue chain delivers ~50 J ns pulses while the black chain delivers ~10 J in 1 ps.

All the chains are synchronized (with ps jitters); they can be frequency-doubled (for pulses delivered on target at 0.53 µm - 2ω), except the black chain, and equipped with wavefront correction systems (adaptive optics).

The facility operates 4 independant laser oscillators which allows the users having, on target, pulses with differentiated temporal shapes (1 for the North chain in the ns regime, 1 for the South chain in the ns regime, 1 for the blue chain, and 1 for the South and black chains in the ps regime). In the ns regime, the pulses may be shaped upon request, over a total duration of ~1 to ~15 ns.