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LULI2000 experimental areas

The LULI2000 facility includes 2 experimental areas, dedicated either to the nano2000 configuration (room #2) or to the pico2000 configuration (room #1), each of them being fully equipped with a large palette of state-of-the-art instrumentation and beam, target and diagnostics alignment.

The experimental area #1

Three laser beams are available in room #1 - the ns NORTH beam, the ps SOUTH beam [pico2000 configuration] and the ns blue beam - according to the irradiation geometry shown below, left.


The target chamber is a spherical one, called MILKA (picture above, right), with a diameter of around 2m. The vacuum inside can be pushed down to 10-2 mbar (10-4 Pa) in 30 minutes.
As the SOUTH beam is operated in the ps regime, the room is radioprotected and radiologically controlled thanks to implementation of dosimeters in strategic places.
An electromagnetic pulser, allowing production of external magnetic fields of ~40 T and investigation of magnetized plasmas, can be implemented close to the target chamber.

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The experimental area #2

Four laser beams are available in room #2 - the ns NORTH and SOUTH laser beams ([nano2000 configuration], the ns blue beam and the ps black beam - according to the irradiation geometry below.