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ELFIE experimental area


95m² - badge-controlled access - 2 entrance security doors (sas)

technical support for experimental layout, diagnostics implementation, mechanical design and daily incidents...


only one interface for all types of motors - with a mobile remote control

Pump systems

pumps controlled by a  fail-safe software - automated pumping sequences [10-3 mbars in 10', 10-5 mbars in 30']


passive protection: 7 tons of lead and 59 tons of concrete
dosimetric control: monthly in public areas and after each experimental campaign in controlled areas; activation measurements in the target chamber after each shot; data available in the lab intranet

Target chamber

Ø 1 m - 10 DN320 - 16 DN200 - 3 telemicroscopes + top view


2 floors - 9 tons - 23 doors - 18 DN100 - 2 gold gratings double passage