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ELFIE is a highly versatile and manageable facility coupling a fully-equipped experimental room with a Ti:Sa/mixed silicate/phosphateglass laser system based on the chirped pulse amplification (CPA) technique. Two ultra-intense laser beam (compressed under vacuum – up to 20J in roughly 0.35 ps at 1.057 µm (ω) - 2ω available) are optically synchronized to an uncompressed chirped laser beam with an energy of ~50 J in 0,6 ns and to a probe beam  (100 mJ in 0.35 ps at ω - 2ω and 3ω available).

The repetition rate is 1 shot every 20 minutes, at full energy. An adaptive-optics closed-loop system allows optimizing the focal spot quality.

A set of beam splitters and optical delay lines allows fine tuning of the beams (115 mm of diameter).


Irradiation geometry