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ELFIE - Study of densification and fragmentation of fused silica and soda-lime-silicate glass under shock produced by ultra-short laser (D. Loison)

Previous campaign has allowed us to build a protocol to study and measure densification ratio of fused silica glass shocked by laser. This proposal concerns the study of the mechanical behavior (densification) of other oxide glasses under high strain rates conditions using Ultra-short shock produced by laser. This glasses mainly made up of fused silica are interesting for industries (windows of cars, plane, shuttle,...) or for geological study (collaboration with Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris). The aim is to study how strong glass systems do structurally accommodate high-pressure levels with a high strain rate generated by shock waves induced by laser.

For this purpose, ultra-short Laser shock coupled with complementary diagnostics (HV, VISAR, shadowgraphy) allows for the observation of the glass behavior, particularly the shock wave propagation into the vitreous network structure that produces densification of the glass followed by crack initiation due to intrinsic defects or irregularity of the loading. These experimental tools are also of interest to study the dynamic strength of the subsurface zone, as well as extrinsic defects such as microcracks. Thanks to a better control of the experimental conditions (flat punch) an other point of interest is to gather pertinent experimental data that will be directly used for the validation of numerical modeling techniques among which Molecular Dynamic (CEA/DAM/DIF), Discrete Elements Models (I2M, Bordeaux) as well as Peridynamic (collaboration with Viginian Commonwealth University, USA). The final objective is the development of a predictive approach of the material’s behavior in order to avoid crack initiation from the extrinsic defects (surface cracks, roughness). This project brings together expert teams across all disciplines involved: Glass material, Laser shocks, MD, DEM and FEM Simulations gathered in the ANR funded project (GLASS) that started at the beginning of 2015.

ELFIE - S49-50 / 2017