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Code development for laser produced plasmas (P. Velarde -UPM/IFN, Spain)

In the last 20 years we have developed at IFN several codes for the simulations of plasmas produced by lasers. In this talk I will present results obtained with two of these codes: ARWEN and BIGBART. The code ARWEN is a 2D Adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) radiation hydrodynamic code, with radiation transport with angular dependence. It was the first code using AMR with radiation transport in a hydro code. The development of the code includes the tuning of a QEOS equation of state, a opacity package and several new techniques for coupling electron heat conduction, radiation transport, conservative multimaterial physics and high order Godunov methods with AMR structure. This code has been used for simulations of ICF targets, X Ray laser amplifiers studies and astrophysics laboratory. New developments in the code includes Temporal evolution of some atomic species and a high efficient electron conduction package. The code BIGBART was designed for High intensity X Ray laser interaction with matter. This code solves temporal evolution of atomic populations with temporal evolution of the electron distribution with Fokker-Planck equation. This code is been used for the simulations of several experiments performed at LCLS.


LULI conference room - EP, building 84, ground floor - 14:00 pm