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Management of the CILEX project

M. François Amiranoff is the CILEX Coordinator, representing CNRS. He relies on a Technical Director, M. Bruno Le Garrec, LULI, and a Scientific Director, M. Philippe Martin, LIDyL.

The project is endowed by a Board of Trustees (CA) composed of - at least - one representative of each of the governing bodies involved in the project. The role of this CA is to follow the project progress, record the various agreements required by the project execution, develop the pluri-annual vision of the scientific strategy and put in place the corresponding budget. Meetings are held twice a year.

A International Scientific Committee (SAC), composed of external experts, contributes to the definition of the project's scientific orientation, taking into account the international context. A International Technical Committee (TAC), also composed of external experts, examines the project progress and provides advice on technical and managerial issues.

A Steering Committee (CoPil), composed of representatives of each of the project's partners, of the LULI Direction and of the project management, provides advices to the CA, especially for the SAC and TAC compositions.

  • TAC composition
    • Ralph Aßmann, DESY (Allemagne)
    • Vincent Bagnoud, Président, GSI (Allemagne)
    • Marta Fajardo, IST (Portugal)
    • Cristina Hernandez, RAL (UK)
    • Patric Muggli, MPQ (Allemagne)
    • David Neely, RAL (UK)
    • Claude Rouyer, CEA/DAM (France)
    • Thomas Tschentscher, XFEL (Allemagne)
    • Victor Yanovsky, CUOS (USA)
  • SAC composition
    • Marta Fajardo, IST (Portugal)
    • Andrea Macchi, U. Pise (Italie)
    • Paul McKenna, U. Strathclyde (UK)
    • Patric Muggli, MPQ (Allemagne)
    • Gerhard Paulus, U. Jena (Allemagne)
    • Luis Roso, CLPU (Espagne)
    • Marc Vrakking, Président, MBI (Allemagne)
    • Oswald Willi, U. Düsseldorf (Allemagne)