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APOLLON first user meeting

Launched by the Cilex steering committee and motivated by the start of operation of the facility early 2018, the Apollon laser facility FIRst usErs' meeting, "Apollon FIRE", was held at the University Paris Saclay (in the amphitheatre of the SOLEIL synchrotron) on Feb 11-12 2016, under the auspices of Institut Lasers & Plasmas.

Organizing Committee

  • Audebert Patrick
  • Couprie Marie-Emmanuelle
  • Cros Brigitte
  • Fuchs Julien
  • Mathieu François
  • Monot Pascal
  • Mosnier Alban
  • Mora Patrick
  • Specka Arnd
  • Thaury Cédric

A large number of scientific programs can be developed on this facility: from particle acceleration, in particular testing new schemes for future generations of compact high-energy accelerators, to generation of highly energetic radiation, that can complement what is produced on the latest generation X-ray light sources, or production of high-energy-density matter states, allowing e.g. laboratory investigation of extreme astrophysical phenomena.

The aim of this first two-days meeting was to promote access to the facility to the whole community, beyond the Plateau de Saclay and the CILEX consortium, and gather proposals from the community in terms of facility configuration and foreseen experiments. The meeting has provided the opportunity to present the facility as well as the currently planned capabilities of the two experimental areas to future users.

List of participants