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  • 15-16/11/2017 : CILEX-APOLLON Technical Advisory Committee [for more information or register, please contact Valérie Ferragne]
  • 2016/09/13: partnership agreement between France and Roumanie on ELI-NP and APOLLON
  • APOLLON 1st user meeting

What is the APOLLON project?

APOLLON aims at building a set of laser beams, synchronized and possibly overlapped on one single focal spot, for a max. total energy on target of 265J :

  • a main laser beam ("F1"), delivering pulses of 150 J at max. in 15 fs, i.e. a peak power of 10 PW (1 shot per minute),
  • an intense auxiliary laser beam ("F2"), delivering pulses of 15 J at max. in 15 fs, i.e. a peak power of 1 PW,
  • an uncompressed « creation » laser beam ("F3), delivering pulses of duration 1 ns with a max. energy of 250 J,
  • a fs probe laser beam ("F4"), delivering pulses of 250 mJ at max. in 20 fs (10 TW),

directed into 2 experimental areas:

  • HE1, where - using short focal length focusing optics (f/2.5) - will be more especially studied laser interaction with solid targets at intensities close to 1022 W/cm2 to generate proton, ion and x-ray radiation secondary sources for pump-probe experiments,
  • HE0, where will be more especially studied particle acceleration using long focal length focusing optics (f/75),

on the Orme des Merisiers site, reusing the ALS building (dismantled in 2006), as part of the Centre Interdisciplinaire Lumière Extrême (CILEX).

The facility will be open to users in 2018-2019, after first experiments devoted to equipment validation and reliability tests. The laser chain and the associated experimental areas will thus be at the heart of an unique Center, for experiments at the forefront of the research on various topics related to high-power ultra-high intensity lasers and to the sources they allow creating.

More on the research topics foreseen

APOLLON is funded in the framework of the 2007-2013 State - IdF Region Plan, with support from CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique and ENSTA, for the laser chain, and of the CILEX EQUIPEX contract, for the experimental areas.