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Journée des doctorants 2021


Lieu : amphi Monge


13h45 - 14h20       P. Kleij :  Electron acceleration by laser excited surface plasma waves in the ultra-relativistic regime.

14h20 – 14h30 :     P. Varlamov : Fs-laser-lithography of functional metasurfaces for extreme nonlinear plasmonics, THz spectroscopy and nanomagnetism.

14h30 - 14h55       A. El Sahili : Perturbation theory beyond GW introduction to the GW-GWGWG approximation.

14h55 – 15h05       Y. Cho : Ab initio calculations on the world’s hardest materials: from new phase modeling to the study of point defects.

15h05 – 15h 40      A. Meriot : Le problème du ciment en solution sulfatée : Etudes structurales et réactivité du ferrite.

15h40 Pause

Chairman :

15h55 – 16h05        W. Qi :  The Carrier’s Dynamics of Hot Electrons in Low Dimensional Materials and Interfaces.

16h05 – 16h30       A. Osorio :  Electronic excitations of borophene: novel graphical tool for the electronic density

16h30 – 16h40       C. Vernozy : Material characterization : from biomedical coatings to laser crystals.

16h40 – 17h15       M. Drong :  Ultrafast spin-VCSELs and other topics in photonics

17h15 Fin