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Publications 2019

 H. Dammak, F. Brieuc, G. Geneste, M. Torrent, M. Hayoun, Isotope effect on hydrogen bond symmetrization in hydrogen and deuterium fluoride crystals by molecular dynamics simulation. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 21(6)  (2019) 3211-3217.

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 R. Mohun, L. Desgranges, C. Jégou, B. Boizot, O. Cavani, A. Canizares, F. Duval, C. He, P. Desgardin, M.-F. Barthe, P. Simon, Quantification of irradiation-induced defects in UO2 using Raman and positron annihilation spectroscopies. Acta Materialia, 164  (2019) 512-519.

 N. Ollier, M. Lancry, C. Martinet, V. Martinez, S. Le Floch, D. Neuville, Relaxation study of pre-densified silica glasses under 2.5 MeV electron irradiation. Scientific Reports, 9  (2019) 1227.

 L. Skujas, N. Ollier, K. Kajihara, K. Smits, Creation of glass-characteristic point defects in crystalline SiO2 by 2.5 MeV electrons and by fast neutrons. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 505  (2019) 252-259.