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The theoretical and numerical developments of the group are mainly situated in the framework of functional theories, in particular static and time-dependent density functional theory (DFT and TDDFT) and Green’s function functional theory, with a particular expertise in Many-Body Perturbation Theory (MBPT). More recently also attempts to design non-perturbative approaches are put forward. The approaches that are developed aim at being general and not limited to a particular class of materials. However, the codes that are developed in the group use a plane wave basis, which privileges extended periodic systems. Therefore mostly bulk metals or insulators, but also periodic quasi two- and one dimensional structures are studied. The numerous close experimental collaborations are centred on photoemission and inelastic x-ray scattering spectroscopies, especially with synchrotrons, and on electron energy loss spectroscopies, in relation with transmission electron microscopy.

Detailed description of scientific goals and achievements of the group.


Research Lines


hedin Theory Development in Many-Body
Non Linear Spectroscopy
Low Dimensional Materials
Plasmons and Loss Spectroscopy
Developments in TDDFT
Excitons and Exciton Dispersion
Oxides and strong correlation
Larger Public