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Swift heavy ion irradiation

G. Rizza, P.-E. Coulon, J. Amici

A model system composed of nearly monodisperse metallic nanoparticles (NPs) (8-100nm) confined within two silica layers is used to investigate the ion-shaping mechanism occurring during swift heavy ion irradiation . Depending on the experimental conditions of irradiation, it is possible to transform nanospheres into ellipsoids, nanorods, nanowires, facetted NPs, nanotriangles or other exotic shapes.
In order to understand the deformation mechanisms, we associate the experimental study (NPs synthesis, swift heavy ions irradiation (GANIL, Caen) and observation by TEM) with theorical study based on Monte Carlo kinetics simulations (M. Hayoun et al) and 3D implementation of the thermal spike model (J. Cardin et al).

model system and nanostructures obtained by swift heavy ion irradiation