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Mini-workshop on electron correlation


18/10 (beginning 10 am)
- Carsten Ullrich "(TD)DFT for systems with noncollinear spin: orbital-dependent xc functionals applied to small Hubbard chains"
- Dorothea Gotze "Core-level spectroscopy with GW"
- Jaakko Koskelo "Dynamical screening in homogenous electron gas from Bethe-Salpeter equation"
- Jack Wetherell + Matt Hodgson "Electron densities from many-body perturbation theory"

Lunch break
- Michael Entwistle "Exact exchange-correlation kernels for optical spectra"
- Michele Casula "From a Dirac semimetal to (almost) a charge transfer insulator: the fascinating properties of Ba Ni_x Co_(1-x) S2"
- Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean "Ultrafast Modification of Hubbard U in a Strongly Correlated Material: Ab initio High-Harmonic Generation in NiO"

19/10 (Beginning 9am, end 5 pm)
- Christoph Friedrich "Electron-Magnon Scattering"
- Emmanuel Fromager "Unified formulation of fundamental and optical gap problems in density-functional theory for ensembles"
- Laurent Mazouin "Density-functional self-energies in site-occupation embedding theory"
- Ayoub Aouina "The connector theory: new approximations for the exchange-correlation potential"

Lunch break
- Marc Dvorak "Quantum embedding in the screened Coulomb interaction"
- Florian Eich "Nonadiabatic effects in electronic transport"
- Lorenzo Sponza "Direct/indirect band gap, exciton dispersion and luminescence properties of bulk hBN"

How to get to the meeting:
The venue is at the Ecole polytechnique in Palaiseau; Batiment 83, first floor.
Detailed info (including maps)

Organisers: Matteo Gatti, Francesco Sottile, Lucia Reining

We ackonowledge the Ecole Polytechnique for the financial support,
Marylene Raclot and Elodie Dubois (from the LSI) for the administrative support.