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Synthesis laboratory

In the LSI laboratories of building 8, XPnano team disposes of the equipment listed below:

- A UV-visible spectrometer, model UNICAM300, covering a large scale of wavelengths from 190 nm to 1090 nm.
- Two Infra-red spectrometers: one Nicolet model, the Magna-IR 750 working in several configurations: transmission and reflection modes (such as Attenuated Total Reflection) and a Brücker Alpha model dedicated to ATR mode.
- A Differential Scanning Calorimeter - Perkin-Elmer DSC7
- A Gel Permeation Chromatography equipped with aqueous and organic columns and RI / UV detectors.
- A LEICA microtom
- A press to prepare thermoplastic samples in form of thin films.
- An all equipped chemistry lab (year 2006) with 7 fume-hoods and an extraction room composed of 4 Soxhlets in serie. The overall equipment is composed of a complete glassware ensemble (distillations, separatory funnel, various columns, flat and round bottomed flasks, , beckers, …), a pH-meter, a rotavapor, 3 balances (Sartorius models) which 2 of µg precision and 1 of mg precision, a 10L bath for experiences in serie, a sonicator, a carbon metallizer for sample coverage and an electrochemical test bench (shared with Supra team).
The available fluids are nitrogen, compressed air, drinking water, deionized water and ultrapure water.
A nanoemulsion polymerization set up dedicated for gaseous fluorinated monomers (working under relative pressure of 2 bars) is also available and allows to obtain polymeric nanoparticles.