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Mercury detection by CAPTÔT

Captôt is a small electrochemical sensor developed at the LSI since 2007 that permits the detection of Mercury from a few tens of ppb (µg/L) to ultralow concentrations, below 10 ppt (ng/L). The analysis technique, based on anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV), is very sensitive with errors of about 10 %. The interest of Captôt is its ability to measure trace levels of Mercury in water loaded with salt (1g/L), and or a large pH range (3-9) and in the presence of other potentially interfering heavy-metals (a problem was seen with iron because it interacts with mercury). Click for a document explicit on the technology behind Captôt.

Quotes on demand! Prices reduced following the number analysis requested. Also, there is the possibility for us to make house calls and do the analysis on site.


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