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Conference announcement REI-19

The LSI, in collaboration with other Paris-Saclay University laboratories (the CSNSM, a joint research unit of Université Paris-Sud and CNRS (IN2P3), the SRMP (DEN/DMN), SCCME and INSTN at CEA Saclay), co-organize the REI-19 conference from 2 to 7 july 2017 in Versailles.

REI in 2017 will be the 19th international conference dedicated to research relating to radiation effects in insulators and non-metallic materials. Since its first edition held in 1981 in Arco, Italy, REI has been the international forum held every two years to present and discuss the latest achievements in the field of insulating materials modification through different kinds of radiation source (ions, electrons, neutrons...). The REI conference is one of the most prominent and long running conference series in the field of radiation effects in materials.

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