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Partnership research

The LSI develops a strategy of openness towards companies. Holder of 9 patents, we are eager to transfer to society today discoveries that will change the world of tomorrow. On top of accessibility to its platforms, LSI researchers commit to answer your questions linked to their domains of competences.

You are invited to contact us in order to identify the best way the LSI can contribute to speed up your R&D. To know more about technology transfer at the Ecole polytechnique, please contact the SR2PI (Nous contacter).

Types of collaborations:

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Service
  • CIFRE fellowships
  • Collaborative projects (ANR or European)

Accessible technology plateforms:

  • SIRIUS: irradiation with high energy electrons
  • ETSF: materials properties simulation
  • DIFFRAX : XRD Ecole polytechnique platform (polycristals, thin films and monocrystals)