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Growth of Graphene Films

Graphene, a one atom thick sp2 hybridized carbon layer, is the emerging material in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Its amazing properties allow researchers to consider applications ranging from large scale electronic and photovoltaic devices to spintronics. However such developments require a reliable, low cost and easily scalable synthesis process of graphene films. We are investigating different growth issues in view to finally propose a preparation technique that will allow depositing high quality films over large areas.

                                                  Graphene film grown on a SiO2 substrate

Analytical method leading to measurements of the film thickness. (a) the SEM image shows a dark non continuous film. (b) Overlaying the intensity of the Raman G band to that image shows close match between the dark zones and the graphene signal. (c) Mapping the 2D band position on the same area allows to spot the edges of the film (white arrows) and (d) to measure its thickness using AFM (all the measured profiles are not shown here for clarity purpose).