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Nanomaterials & Devices - NanoMaDe



Responsable: Costel Sorin Cojocaru

NanoMaDe – NanoMaterials and Devices activity has been initiated in 2003 and renewed in 2007. Its scientific area is centered on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies (NST) with particular focus on nanomaterials.
Identified in 2009 by the European Commission as a key enabling technology (KET) providing the basis for further innovation and new products, with substantial longer-term economic and societal impact (product revenues estimated to reach $2-3 trillion by 2015), the NSTs associate many traditional scientific fields (physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, electrical engineering…) in an interdisciplinary, sometimes transdisciplinary approach. It becomes thus difficult to precisely identify a scientific boundary of a given NST topic. See for example: USA Congressional Research Service - The National Nanotechnology Initiative-2012.

NanoMaDe covers research topics related to:

  • Understanding nanomaterials properties and their growth mechanisms.
    • In-situ and real-time process diagnosis and nano-objects growth observation by microscopy. 
    • Spectroscopic techniques with ultimate resolution.
  • Development of next generation bottom-up nanotechnological processing and characterization tools.
    • Integration of engineering with fundamental physics and chemistry (required once we approach the atomicscale
      precision and control).
  • Ultimate controlled nanomaterials synthesis and nanodevices fabrication.
    • Controlled nanomaterials synthesis with tailored properties, nanofabrication, devices characterization.
    • Large-scale manipulation and self-assembly. 
    • Large-scale parallel device fabrication and system integration.
  • Innovative nanomaterials and devices.
    • New functional nanomaterials and devices for electronics, energy storage, sensors…



Synthesis and Fabrication
  • Four CVD reactors dedicated to carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires synthesis.
    • Particularly one PE-CVD (four different geometries and three types of CVD chemistry) reactor is dedicated to oriented carbon nanotubes synthesis.
    • Two of these CVD reactors are installed in the Thales R&T clean room facility.
  • One full electrochemistry bench.
  • One fully customizable inkjet bench for the CNTs deposition (Dimatix).


  • One last generation SEM facility as well as TEM and AFM/EFM characterizations.
  • RAMAN spectroscopy.
  • One SAFEM facility that allows studying the electrical/field emission properties of individual nano-objects as well as a full in vacuum, variable temperature, microprobe electrical characterization bench. (Keithley 4200 Parametric Analyzer)