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Live imaging of heart development


Contact: Willy Supatto
Lamiae Abdeladim (PhD student)
Emmanuel Beaurepaire (DR)
Antoine Boniface (Master student)
Pierre Mahou (IR)
Vincent Maioli (Postdoc)
Guy Malkinson (Postdoc)
Guillaume Pakula (PhD student)
Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein (DR)
Paul Stroe (PhD student)


As part of an international research network (see LiveHeart and 4DHeart), this new project aims at investigating zebrafish heart development and regeneration by devising new in vivo imaging strategies.


Multicolor live imaging of the zebrafish beating heart using multiphoton light-sheet microscopy. The spatio-temporal resolution is sufficient to track individual cell movements during a cardiac cycle. Adapted from Mahou et al, 2014.




Related publications

Fast in vivo multiphoton light-sheet microscopy with optimal pulse frequency
V. Maioli, A. Boniface, P. Mahou, J. Ferrer Ortas, L. Abdeladim, E. Beaurepaire, W. Supatto
Biomedical Optics Express, 11(10), 6012-6026 (2020).

Multicolor two-photon light-sheet microsocopy.
Mahou P, Vermot J, Beaurepaire E, Supatto W
Nature Methods (2014)

Advances in whole-embryo imaging: a quantitative transition is underway.
Pantazis P, Supatto W
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology (2014)

Ongoing collaborations

Julien Vermot (IGBMC, Illkirch, France)
Michael Liebling (IDIAP, Martigny, Switzerland)
Nadia Mercader (Bern University, Bern, Switzerland)
Peter Majer (Andor/Bitplane, Zürich, Switzerland)