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Publications (micro)

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Fast in vivo imaging of SHG nanoprobes with multiphoton light-sheet microscopy
G. Malkinson, P. Mahou, E. Chaudan, T. Gacoin, A.Y. Sonay, P. Pantazis, E. Beaurepaire, W. Supatto
ACS Photonics (2020).

Cortical astrocytes develop in a plastic manner at both clonal and cellular levels
S. Clavreul, L. Abdeladim, E. Hernández-Garzón, D.Niculescu, J. Durand, S.-H. Ieng, R. Barry, G. Bonvento, E. Beaurepaire, J. Livet, K. Loulier
Nature Communications 10, 4884 (2019)
Multicolor multiscale brain imaging with chromatic multiphoton serial microscopy
L. Abdeladim, K.S. Matho, S. Clavreul, P. Mahou, J.-M. Sintes, X. Solinas, I. Arganda-Carreras, S.G. Turney, J.W. Lichtman, A. Chessel, A.-P. Bemelmans, K. Loulier, W. Supatto, J. Livet, E. Beaurepaire
Nature Communications 10, 1662 (2019)
High-speed polarization-resolved third-harmonic microscopy
J. Morizet, G. Ducourthial, W. Supatto, A. Boutillon, R. Legouis, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, C. Stringari, E. Beaurepaire
Optica 6 (3), 385-388 (2019)
Monitoring dynamic collagen reorganization during skin stretching with fast polarization‐resolved second harmonic generation imaging
G. Ducourthial, J.-S. Affagard, M. Schmeltz, X. Solinas, M. Lopez‐Poncelas, C. Bonod‐Bidaud, R. Rubio‐Amador, F. Ruggiero, J.‐M. Allain, E. Beaurepaire, M.‐C. Schanne‐Klein
J. Biophotonics e201800336 (2019). 
Third harmonic generation imaging and analysis of the effect of low gravity on the lacuno-canalicular network of mouse bone
R. Genthial, M. Gerbaix, D. Farlay, L. Vico, E. Beaurepaire, D. Débarre, A. Gourrier
PLoS ONE 14(1): e0209079 (2019). 

Chiral cilia organization in the left-right organizer, R.R. Ferreira, G. Pakula, L. Klaeyle, H. Fukui, A. Vilfan, W. Supatto, J. Vermot, Cell Reports (2018).
Dual-color deep-tissue three-photon microscopy with a multiband infrared laser, K. Guesmi, L. Abdeladim, S. Tozer, P. Mahou, T. Kumamoto, K. Jurkus, P. Rigaud, K. Loulier, N. Dray, P. Georges, M. Hanna, J. Livet, W. Supatto, E. Beaurepaire, F. Druon, Light Science & Applications (2018).
Snapshots of archaeal DNA replication and repair in live cells using super-resolution imaging, F. Delpech, Y. Collien, P. Mahou, E. Beaurepaire, H. Myllykallio, R. Lestini, Nucleic Acids Research (2018)..
Highly concentrated collagen solutions leading to transparent scaffolds of controlled three-dimensional organizations for corneal epithelial cell colonization, A. Tidu, D. Ghoubay-Benallaoua, C. Teulon, S. Asnacios, K. Grieve, F. Portier, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, V. Borderie, G. Mosser, Biomaterials Science (2018).

Physical limits of flow sensing in the left-right organizer, R.R. Ferreira, A. Vilfan, F. Jülicher, W. Supatto, J. Vermot, eLife 6:e25078 (2017). 
Metrology of multiphoton microscopes using second harmonic generation nanoprobes, P. Mahou, G. Malkinson, E. Chaudan, T. Gacoin, E. Beaurepaire, W. Supatto, Small 13, 1701442 (2017).
Multicolor two-photon imaging of endogenous fluorophores in living tissues by wavelength mixing, C. Stringari, L. Abdeladim, G. Malkinson, P. Mahou, X. Solinas, I. Lamarre, S. Brizion, J.-B. Galey, W. Supatto, R. Legouis, A.-M. Pena, E. Beaurepaire, Scientific Reports 7, 3792 (2017).
Image Data Resource: a bioimage data integration and publication platform, Williams et al, Nature Methods (2017).
An overview of data science uses in bioimage informatics, A. Chessel, Methods 115, 118 (2017).
How aging impacts skin biomechanics: a multiscale study in mice, B. Lynch, C. Bonod-Bidaud, G. Ducourthial, J.-S. Affagard, S. Bancelin, S. Psilodimitrakopoulos, F. Ruggiero, J.-M. Allain, and M.-C. Schanne-Klein, Scientific Reports 7, 13750 (2017).
Easy xeno-free and feeder-free method for isolating and growing limbal stromal and epithelial stem cells of the human cornea, D. Ghoubay-Benallaoua, C. de Sousa, R. Martos, G. Latour, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, E. Dupin, V. Borderie, Plos One 12 (11), e0188398 (2017).
Stromal striae: a new insight into corneal physiology and mechanics, K. Grieve, D. Ghoubay, C. Georgeon, G. Latour, A. Nahas, K. Plamann, C. Crotti, R. Bocheux, M. Borderie, T.-M. Nguyen, F. Andreiuolo, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, and V. Borderie, Scientific Reports 7, 13584 (2017).      
Stabilization of collagen fibrils by gelatin addition: a study of collagen/gelatin dense phases, F. Portier, C. Teulon, A. Nowacka-Perrin, F. Guenneau, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, and G. Mosser, Langmuir 33 (45), 12916–12925 (2017).
A novel microstructural interpretation for the biomechanics of mouse skin derived from multiscale characterization, B. Lynch, S. Bancelin, C. Bonod-Bidaud, J.-B. Guesquin, F. Ruggiero, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, and J.-M. Allain, Acta Biomateriala 50, 302-311 (2017).
Cell Viability and Shock Wave Amplitudes in the Endothelium of Porcine Cornea exposed to Ultrashort Laser Pulses, S. A. Hussain, C. Milián, C. Crotti, L. Kowalczuk, F. Alahyane, Z. Essaïdi, A. Couairon, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, and K. Plamann, Graefes Arch. Clin. Exp. Ophthalmol. 255, 945-953 (2017). doi:10.1007/s00417-017-3583-3
Affine kinematics in planar fibrous connective tissues: an experimental investigation, C. Jayyosi, J.-S. Affagard, G. Ducourthial, C. Bonod-Bidaud, B. Lynch, S. Bancelin, F. Ruggiero, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, J.-M. Allain, K. Bruyère-Garnier, and M. Coret, Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 16 (4), 1459-1473 (2017).
Label-free imaging of bone multiscale porosity and interfaces using third-harmonic generation microscopy, R. Genthial, E. Beaurepaire, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, F. Peyrin, D. Farlay, C. Olivier, Y. Bala, G. Boivin, J.-C. Vial, D. Débarre, A. Gourrier, Scientific Reports 7, 3419 (2017).
Life-long neurogenic activity of individual neural stem cells and continuous growth establish an outside-in architecture in the teleost pallium, G. Furlan, V. Cuccioli, N. Vuillemin, L. Dirian, A. Janue Muntasell, M. Coolen, N. Dray, S. Bedu, C. Houart, E. Beaurepaire, I. Foucher, L. Bally-Cuif, Current Biology 27, 3288-3301 (2017).
All-fiber femtosecond laser providing 9 nJ, 50 MHz pulses at 1650 nm for three-photon microscopy, P. Cadroas, L. Abdeladim, L. Kotov, M. Likhachev, D. Lipatov, D. Gaponov, A. Hideur, M. Tang, J. Livet, W. Supatto, E. Beaurepaire, S. Février, J. Optics 19, 065506 (2017).

Efficient second-harmonic imaging of collagen in histological slides using Bessel beam excitation, N. Vuillemin, P. Mahou, D. Débarre, T. Gacoin, P.-L. Tharaux, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, W.Supatto, E. Beaurepaire, Scientific Reports 6, 29863 (2016). Erratum: 6, 31258 (2016).
Correlative nonlinear optical microscopy and infrared nanoscopy reveals collagen degradation in altered parchments, G. Latour, L. Robinet, A. Dazzi, F. Portier, A. Deniset-Besseau, and M.-C. Schanne-Klein, Sci. Rep. 6, 26344 (2016).
Probing the 3D structure of cornea-like collagen liquid crystals with polarization-resolved SHG microscopy, C. Teulon, A. Tidu, F. Portier, G. Mosser, and M.-C. Schanne-Klein, Opt. Express 24, 16084 (2016).
Simultaneous microstructural and mechanical characterization of human corneas at increasing pressure, A. Benoit, G. Latour, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, and J.-M. Allain, J. Mech. Behav. Biomed. Mater. 60, 93-105 (2016)

"Whole-brain functional imaging with two-photon light-sheet microscopy", S. Wolf, W. Supatto, G. Debrégeas, P. Mahou, S.G. Kruglik, J.-M. Sintes, E. Beaurepaire & R. Candelier, Nature Methods 12(5), 379–380 (2015). doi:10.1038/nmeth.3371.
Ex vivo multiscale quantitation of skin biomechanics in wild-type and genetically-modified mice using multiphoton microscopy, S. Bancelin, B. Lynch, C. Bonod-Bidaud, G. Ducourthial, S. Psilodimitrakopoulos, P. Dokladal, J.-M. Allain, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, and F. Ruggiero, Scientific Reports 5, 17635 (2015)
Optimization of Picrosirius Red Staining Protocol to Determine Collagen Fiber Orientations in Vaginal and Uterine Cervical Tissues by Mueller Polarized Microscopy, A. Nazac, S. Bancelin, B. Teig, B. H. Ibrahim, H. Fernandez, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, A. De Martino, Microsc. Res. Tech. 78, 723-730 (2015)
Theoretical, numerical and experimental study of geometrical parameters that affect anisotropy measurements in polarization-resolved SHG microscopy, C. Teulon, I. Gusachenko, G. Latour, and M.-C. Schanne-Klein, Opt. Express 23, 9313-9328 (2015).
Large-scale live imaging of adult neural stem cells in their endogenous niche, N. Dray, S. Bedu, N. Vuillemin, A. Alunni, M. Coolen, M. Krecsmarik, W. Supatto, E. Beaurepaire, and L. Bally-Cuif, Development 142: 3592-3600 (2015). doi: 10.1242/dev.123018.
In vivo single-cell detection of metabolic oscillations in stem cells, C. Stringari, H. Wang, M. Geyfman, V. Crosignani, V. Kumar, J.S. Takahashi, B. Andersen, E. Gratton, Cell Reports 10(1), 1-7 (2015). doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2014.12.007.
Multicolor two-photon light-sheet microscopy, P. Mahou, J. Vermot, E. Beaurepaire, W. Supatto, Nature Methods 11(6), 600-601 (2014).
Determination of collagen fibril size via absolute measurements of second-harmonic generation signals, S. Bancelin, C. Aimé, I. Gusachenko, L. Kowalczuk, G. Latour, T. Coradin, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, Nat. Commun. 5, art. 4920 (2014)
Fibrillogenesis from nanosurfaces: multiphoton imaging and stereological analysis of collagen 3D self-assembly dynamics, S. Bancelin, E. Decencière, V. Machairas, C. Albert, T. Coradin, M.-C. Schanne-Klein, C. Aimé, Soft Matter 10, 6651 (2014)
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Multiplex cell and lineage tracking with combinatorial labels, K. Loulier, R. Barry, P. Mahou, Y. Le Franc, W. Supatto, K.S. Matho, S. Ieng, S. Fouquet, E. Dupin, R. Benosman, A. Chédotal, E. Beaurepaire, X. Morin, J. Livet, Neuron 81(3), 505-520 (2014).
Advances in whole-embryo imaging: a quantitative transition is underway, P. Pantazis & W. Supatto, Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 15, 327-339 (2014).

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Non-invasive monitoring of cell metabolism and lipid production in 3D engineered human adipose tissues using label-free multiphoton microscopy, T. Chang, M. Zimmerley, K.P. Quinn, I. Lamarre-Jouenne, D.L. Kaplan, E. Beaurepaire & I. Georgakoudi, Biomaterials 34(34) 8607-16 (2013).
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T.V. Truong*, W. Supatto*, D.S. Koos, J.M. Choi, and S.E. Fraser
Nature Methods, 8, 757-760 (2011).
"Combined third-harmonic generation and four-wave mixing microscopy of tissues and embryos"
P. Mahou, N. Olivier, G. Labroille, L. Duloquin, J-M. Sintes, N. Peyriéras, R. Legouis, D. Débarre, and E. Beaurepaire
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D. Débarre, T. Vieille and E. Beaurepaire
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W. Supatto, T.V. Truong, D. Debarre, and E. Beaurepaire
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T.V. Truong, and W. Supatto
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W. Supatto, and J. Vermot
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N. Olivier, F. Aptel, K. Plamann, M.-C. Schanne-Klein & E. Beaurepaire
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2009 and before
"Dynamic aberration correction for multiharmonic microscopy"
N. Olivier, D. Débarre & E. Beaurepaire
Opt. Lett. 34(20), 3145-7 (2009). PDF.
"Image-based adaptive optics for two-photon microscopy"
D. Débarre, E. Botcherby, T. Watanabe, S. Srinivas, M. Booth & T. Wilson
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"Two-photon microscopy with simultaneous standard and extended depth of field using an acoustic gradient-index lens"
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N. Olivier & E. Beaurepaire
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T. Boulesteix, E. Beaurepaire, M.-P. Sauviat & M.-C. Schanne-Klein
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