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Functional dynamics of proteins


Staff scientists:


PhD Students/ Post-doctoral fellows

Bo Zhuang (PhD student)

Description of topic:

Protein functioning relies on their capacity to efficiently adopt distinct configurations. Our research concerns the internal dynamics associated with these specific changes, in particular in proteins involved in catalysis and in signal transduction. The fastest and most specific changes take place on the timescale of the internal protein vibrations. Therefore we employ and develop femtosecond spectroscopic techniques to probe these motions in real time. Many projects concern a variety of heme proteins, where ultrafast ligand photodissociation is used as an impulsive trigger of the system, corresponding to a step of protein functioning. In other projects we study, or exploit, photoinduced charge transfers in flavoproteins. Here we both study functional charge transfer chains composed of flavin and aromatic residues, like those in cryptochromes and photolyases, and use the exquisite sensitivity of electron transfer kinetics on the configuration of donor-acceptor pairs as a probe of configurational dynamics. Our efforts to get detailed insight in the dynamics on a molecular level include combining experimental studies and molecular dynamics simulations.

Present projects include the dynamics of new classes of CO-sensor heme proteins, and configurational dynamics of the flexible active sites of the flavoenzyme ThyX. Both projects are performed in close collaboration with the pole Adaptive molecular mechanisms in microbial systems (U. Liebl, H. Myllykallio).

Much work is developed along with other themes in our lab, in particular  "Adaptive molecular mechanisms in microbial systems" and "Coherent spectroscopy and coherent control in biological systems", and in addition with a number of external collaborations.

Contact : marten.vos at polytechnique.edu




Evidence for extremely rapid exchange between NO and H2O as heme ligands in the bacterial sensor protein YddV using transient absorption spectroscopy and MD simulations. See Lambry, et al. (2016)  J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 7, 69-74




Dynamic characterization of the highly flexible active site of the flavoenzyme ThyX by time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy using quenching of FAD fluorescence by electron transfer from Tyr91 as a probe. See Laptenok, et al. (2013)  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110, 8924-8929






Selected recent publications :


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