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From DaXi to Napari - Single Objective Light-sheet Microscopy for fast, high-resolution & large volume imaging & Modern Image Processing and Visualization in Python

November 4, 2021, 11AM

Loic ROYER, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, San Francisco, USA

Lieu(x) :    Meeting room building 84, Ecole Polytechnique

Contact :    Willy Supatto
                    willy.supatto at

Recent optical innovations and in particular the development of bespoke objectives for remote oblique focusing have made it possible to perform oblique light-sheet imaging at high NA (>= 1.0) over a large field of view. I will present such an instrument - DaXi - which is moreover capable of fast imaging via a new scanning modality (LS^3) and multi-view imaging via a ultra-fast image flipper. These innovations make it possible to image very large volumes such as entire zebrafish larva at high speed without the need for tilling.  Similarly to other light-sheet systems, our system produces very large amounts of data that require image processing and  analysis at scale. Since starting my lab at the CZ Biohub in San Francisco I have spearheaded an effort to build tools for image visualization (napari) as well as for large-scale light-sheet processing (dexp) in python. I will give an overview of all these tools and the underlying technologies.


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