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California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is one of the prestigious universities identified as privileged partners not only for the establishment of active cooperation in research on new materials (especially glassy alloys that would interest PSA) but also for academic exchanges Master and joint programs with the École Polytechnique.

The Department of Mechanics felt that this partnership with Caltech is vital for the development of new Master of "mechanical and multiphysics modeling" and is capital in the international development of the Chair. The agreements with Caltech, student exchanges, at Caltech during the week will greatly increase the visibility, attractiveness and internationalization of the curriculum, the Solid Mechanics Laboratory and Chair André Citroën.

In addition, the LMS and PSA (AIRD) identified a number of emerging issues that they wish to develop actively. Of these, innovative and intelligent materials (shape memory alloys, multifunctional polymers, magneto-rheological materials, honeycombs, glassy alloys) on which Caltech just has a real expertise. The latter is complementary to traditional LMS thematics of excellence in durability of structures.

Given this context, the École Polytechnique felt it was important to send a teacher for a year at Caltech to develop a research collaboration to involve faculty and students from Caltech to the Chair's activities and complete the double degree agreement with Caltech. As head of the Chair, Professor of Mechanical department and host of the Master of Education programs for polytechnic students, Habibou Maitournam is the ideal candidate. Concerning his excellent knowledge of research topics and educational programs, he was appointed to carry out this mission.

André Citroën Chair sponsored a one week stay at Caltech for six students from École Polytechnique in order to visit the laboratories of the prestigious University of 4 to 8 March 2013.

An official delegation of the PSA, Solid Mechanics Laboratory of Ecole Polytechnique will also travel to Caltech in the month of March to sign the agreement of a common curriculum with Caltech