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Frédéric Brechenmacher et al. (eds.), Images of Italian Mathematics in France

The Latin Sisters, from Risorgimento to Fascism

Editors: Frédéric Brechenmacher, Guillaume Jouve, Laurent Mazliak, Rossana Tazzioli.





Table of contents (10 chapters)

    By way of Preface: Daladier’s Stay in Italy in 1910. A Mirror of the French Look at Italy
    Antonin Durand

    Introduction: The Latin Sisters and Mathematics
    Frédéric Brechenmacher, Guillaume Jouve, Laurent Mazliak, Rossana Tazzioli


    Italian Mathematicians as Seen by French Biographical Dictionaries in the 19th Century
    Pierre Crépel


    The 27 Italies of Camille Jordan
    Frédéric Brechenmacher
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    Picard and the Italian Mathematicians: The History of Three Prix Bordin
    Aldo Brigaglia


    Lines on the Horizon
    Angelo Guerraggio, Frédéric Jaëck, Laurent Mazliak


    The French ‘Analysts’ and Peano’s Mathematical Logic: Couturat’s Remarques to Borel, Baire and Lebesgue
    Erika Luciano


    Louis Rougier’s Reception of the Peano School
    Paola Cantù


    The Eyes of French Mathematicians on Tullio Levi-Civita—the Case of Hydrodynamics (1900–1930)
    Rossana Tazzioli


    French Mathematicians at the Bologna Congress (1928). Between Participation and Boycott
    Annalisa Capristo