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Theoretical insight into the coordination number of hydrated Zn2+ from gas phase to solution

Jana Chandramohan, Gilles Ohanessian and Carine Clavaguéra Theo. Chem. Acc., 2016, 135, 141. DOI

Electron transfer in tetramethylbiphosphinine Complexes of Cp2Yb and Cp2Sm

Arnaud Jaoul, Carine Clavaguéra and Grégory Nocton New J. Chem.201640, 6643-6649 DOI

Stepwise Hydration of 2-Aminooxazole: Theoretical Insight into the Structure, Finite Temperature Behavior and Proton-Induced Charge Transfer 

Florent Calvo, Marie-Christine Bacchus-Montabonel and Carine Clavaguéra J. Phys. Chem. A2016120, 2380-2389 DOI

Stereoselectivity of Michael Addition of P(X)–H-Type Nucleophiles to Cyclohexen-1-ylphosphine Oxide: The Case of Base-Selective Transformation
Magdalena Jaklińska, Marie Cordier, and Marek Stankevič J. Org. Chem., 2016, 81 (4), pp 1378–1390

Selective Tsuji–Trost type C-allylation of hydrazones: a straightforward entry into 4,5-dihydropyrazoles
El Hachemia El Mamouni, Martin Cattoen, Marie Cordier, Janine Cossy, Stellios Arseniyadis, Hocine Ilitki* and Laurent El Kaïm Chem. Commun., 2016,52, 14490-14493

Comparison of the compact dry TC method with the standard method ISO 21149:2006 for determining aerobic colony counts in cosmetic emulsion

S. De Vaugelade, M. Aime, N. Farcette, E. Maurel, T. Lacour, C . Thomas, S. Bouchonnet, S. Pirnay, Int. J. Cosmet. Sci. 2016, 1-8 DOI

Dihydroanatoxin-a is biosynthesized from proline in Cylindrospermum stagnale PCC 7417: isotopic incorporation experiments and mass spectrometry analysis

A. Méjean, K. Dalle, G. Paci, S. Bouchonnet, S. Mann, V; Pichon, O. Ploux, J. Nat. Prod. 2016, 79(7), 1775-82

Characterization of the ultraviolet–visible photoproducts of thiophanate-methyl using high performance liquid chromatography coupled with high resolution tandem mass spectrometry - Detection in grapes and tomatoes

H. Chayata, Y. Lassalle, É. Nicol, S. Manolikakes, S. Bourcier, C. Gosmini, S. Bouchonnet J. Chromatogr. A 2016, 1441, 75-82  DOI

Formation and determination of organohalogen by-products in water - Part I. Discussing the parameters influencing the formation of organohalogen by-products and the relevance of estimating their concentration using the AOX (adsorbable organic halide) method  

A. Kinani, S. Kinani, B. Richard, M. Lorthioy, S. Bouchonnet, TrAC Trends Analytic. Chem.2016,  85, 273-80

Formation and determination of organohalogen by-products in water.- Part II. Sample preparation techniques for analytical approaches

A. Kinani, S. Kinani, S. Bouchonnet, TrAC Trends Analytic. Chem.  2016, 85, 281-94

Formation and determination of organohalogen by-products in water. Part III. characterization and quantitative approaches

A. Kinani, S. Kinani, S. Bouchonnet TrAC Trends Analytic. Chem. 2016, 85, 295-305

Etude rétrospective sur les rapports de stabilité/compatibilité de produits cosmétiques

S. De Vaugelade, S. Monsonego, C. Thomas, S . Bouchonnet, S. Pirnay,  Industries Cosmétiques 2016 12, 40-43, 

 Le millefeuille des affiliations : où en sommes-nous ?

F. Girard,A. Séné, N. Pothier, A. Deniau, V. Prêtre, M. Durand-Barthez  I2D – Information, données & documents, A.D.B.S., 2016, 53, pp.15 INSU

Photodegradation of cyprodinil under UV–visible irradiation – chemical and toxicological approaches

E. Nicol, H. Chayata, C. Genty, S. Bouchonnet and S. Bourcier, Rapid Comm. Mass Spectrom. 2016, 30, 2201-2211

Cobalt-catalyzed reductive cross-coupling between benzyl chlorides and aryl halides  

S. Pal, S. Chowdhury, E. Rozwadowski, A. Auffrant, and C Gosmini, Adv. Synth. Catal2016358, 2431-2435 DOI

Tetramethylbiphosphinine Complexes of Cp*2Yb and Cp*2Sm: Solid-State Structure, Solution NMR Spectroscopy and Theoretical Calculations,

 Jaoul, A., Clavaguéra C., Nocton G.,  New J. Chem., 8, 6643-6649 DOI

Synthesis and Characterization of 1,1’-diphosphaplumbocenes: oxidative ligand transfer with divalent thulium complexes,

Jaroschik, F., Momin, A., Martinez, A., Harakat, D., Ricard, L., Le Goff, X.-F., Nocton, G., Organometallics, 201635, 2032-2038 DOI

Photodegradation of fluorene in aqueous solution: identification and biological activity testing of degradation products

S. Kinani, Y. Souissi, A. Kinani, Z. Vujović, S. Aït-Aïssa and S. Bouchonnet, Journal of Chromatography A, 2016, 1442, 118-128 DOI

Direct synthesis of doubly deprotonated, dearomatised lutidine PNP Cr and Zr pincer complexes based on isolated K and Li ligand transfer reagents

T. Simler, G. Frison, P. Braunstein, A. A. Danopoulos Dalton Trans. 2016, 45, 2800-2804.  DOI

Preparation, structural analysis and reactivity studies of phosphenium dications 

M. Q. Y. Tay, G. Ilic, U. Werner-Zwanziger, Y. Lu, R. Ganguly, L. Ricard, G. Frison, D. Carmichael, D. Vidovic Organometallics 2016, 35, 439-449.  DOI

A practical cobalt-catalyzed cross-coupling of benzylic zinc reagents with aryl and heteroaryl bromides or chlorides.

Benischke Andreas D; Knoll, Irina; Rerat, Alice; Gosmini, Corinne; Knochel, Paul Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) 2016, 52, 3171-4 DOI

Chirality-dependent structuration of protonated or sodiated polyphenylalanines: IRMPD and ion mobility studies

Lepere, V; Le Barbu-Debus, K ; Clavaguera, C; Scuderi, D ; Piani, G ; Simon, AL; Chirot, F; MacAleese, L; Dugourd, P; Zehnacker Physical chemistry chemical physics, 2016, 18, 3, 1807-1817 DOI

Palladium(II) complexes featuring a mixed Phosphine-Pyridine-Iminophosphorane pincer ligand : synthesis and reactivity T. Cheisson, A. Auffrant Dalton Trans., 2016, 45, 2069 - 2078. DOI

Cobalt-catalyzed Csp3-Csp3 homocoupling Y. Cai, X. Qian, C. Gosmini* Adv. Synth. Catal., 2016, 358, 2427-2430 (Sur invitation : ASC special thematic issue Base-Metal Catalysis: Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu) DOI

Cobalt-catalyzed oxidative homocoupling of arylzinc species Y. Bourne-Branchu, A. Moncomble, M. Corpet, G. Danoun, C. Gosmini* Synthesis 2016, 48, 3352-3356 (sur invitation) DOI

Synthesis of symmetrical diaryl ketones by cobalt-catalysed reaction of arylzinc reagents with ethyl chloroformate

 A. Rérat, C. Michon, F. Agbossou-Niedercorn, C. Gosmini* Eur. J. Org. Chem., 2016, 4554-4560

Cobalt-catalyzed oxidative homocoupling of arylzinc species

Y. Bourne-Branchu, A. Moncomble, M. Corpet, G. Danoun, C. Gosmini* Synthesis 2016, 48, 3352-3356 (sur invitation)