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  1. Copper-Catalyzed Coupling of N-Tosylhydrazones with Amines : Synthesis of Fluorene Derivatives
    Aziz J., Frison G., Gómez M., Brion J-D., Hamze A.*, Alami M.
    ACS Catalysis2014, 4, 4498–4503 , , DOI
  2. Carbon–Hydrogen Bond Breaking and Making in the Open-Shell Singlet Molecule Cp*2Yb(4,7-Me2phen)
    Nocton G., BoothC.H., Maron L., Ricard L., Andersen R.A.
    Organometallics2014, 33, 6819–6829, DOI
  3. Hydration Gibbs Free Energies of Open and Closed Shell Trivalent Lanthanide and Actinide Cations from Polarizable Molecular Dynamics
    Marjolin A., Gourlaouen C., Clavaguéra C.*, Ren P.Y., Piquemal J-P., Dognon J-P.
    Journal of Molecular Modeling2014, 20, 2471-2480, DOI
  4. Ultraviolet–vis degradation of iprodione and estimation of the acutetoxicity of its photodegradation products.
    Lassalle Y, Jellouli H., Ballerini L., Souissi Y., Nicol E., Bourcier S., Bouchonnet S.
    Journal of Chromatography A2014, volume 1371, 146–153, DOI
  5. Hydration Gibbs Free Energies of Open and Closed Shell Trivalent Lanthanide and Actinide Cations from Polarizable Molecular Dynamics
    Marjolin A., Gourlaouen C., Clavaguéra C.*, Ren P.Y., Piquemal J-P., Dognon J-P.
    Journal of Molecular Modeling2014, 20, 2471, DOI
  6. Phosphorus-stabilized titanium carbene complexes: synthesis, reactivity and DFT studies.
    Lafage M., Heuclin H., Le Goff X-F., Saffon-Merceron N., Mezailles N.*
    Chemistry. A European Journal2014, volume 20 (51), 16995-17003, DOI
  7. To Bend or Not To Bend: Experimental and Computational Studies of Structural Preference in Ln(TpiPr2)2 (Ln = Sm, Tm)
    Momin A., Carter L., Yang Y., McDonald R., Essafi S., Nief F., Del Rosa I., Sella A.*, Maron L.*, Takats J. *
    Inorg. Chem.2014, 20 (51), 12066-12075, DOI
  8. Vibrational Signatures of S-nitroso Glutathione as Gaseous, Protonated Species
    Gregori B., Guidoni L., Chiavarino B., Scuderi D., Nicol E., Frison G.*, Fornarini S, Crestoni M.E.*
    Journal of Physical Chemistry2014, volume 118 (43), 12371-12382, , DOI
  9. Planar chiral phosphoric acids with biphenylene-tethered paracyclophane scaffolds: synthesis, characterization and catalytic screening
    Isaac K., Stemper J., Servalean V., Retailleau P., Pastor J., Frison G., Kaupmees K., Leito J-F., Betzer J-F.*, Marinetti A.*,
    Journal of Organic Chemistry2014, volume 79, 9639-9646, DOI
  10. Nickel complexes featuring iminophosphorane-phenoxide ligands for catalytic ethylene dimerization
    Cheissson T., Cao T-P-A., Le Goff X-F., Auffrant A.*
    Organometallics2014, volume 33 (21), 6193-6199, DOI
  11. Accuracy of density functionals in the description of dispersion interactions and IR spectra of phosphates and phosphorylated compounds
    Sharma A., Ohanessian G., Clavaguéra C.*
    Journal of Molecular Modeling2014, volume 20 (9), 2426, DOI
  12. Versatile coordination chemistry of a bis(methyliminophosphoranyl)pyridine ligand on copper centres
    Cheisson T., Auffrant A.*
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  13. Polymorphic Copper Iodide Clusters: Insights into the Mechanochromic Luminescence Properties
    Benito Q., Le Goff X-F., Maron S., Fargues A., Garcia A., Martineau C., Taulelle F., Kahlal S., Gacoin T., Boilot J-P., Perruchas S.*
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014, volume 136, 113111-11320 DOI
  14. Multiple One-Electron Transfers in Bipyridine Complexes of Bis(phospholyl) Thulium
    Jacquot L., Xémard M., Clavaguéra C.*, Nocton G.*
    Organometallics2014, volume 33 , 4100-4106, DOI
  15. Reductive Alkylation of Thioamides with Grignard Reagents in the Presence of Ti(OiPr)4: Insight and Extension
    Hermant F., Urbañska E., Seizilles de Mazancourt S., Maubert T., Nicolas E., and Six Y.*
    Organometallics2014, volume 33 , 5643-5643, DOI
  16. Benchmarking DFT and TD-DFT functionals for the ground and excited states of hydrogen-rich peptide radicals
    Riffet V., Jacquemin D., Cauët E., Frison G.*
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation2014, volume 10, 3308-3318, DOI
  17. Recent Advances in Electrophilic amination reactions
    Corpet M., Gosmini C. *
    Synthesis2014, volume 46, 2258-2271, DOI
  18. Cobalt-catalyzed cross coupling of arylzinc bromides with bromoalkynes
    Corpet M., Bai X-Z., Gosmini C. *
    Advanced Synthetis & Catalysis2014, volume 356, 2937–294, PdfDOI
  19. Reversible Sigma C-C Bond Formation Between Phenanthroline Ligands Activated by (C5Me5)2Yb
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    Journal of the American Chemical Society2014, volume 136 (24) , 8626–8641, DOI,
  20. Titanium imido complexes stabilised by bis(iminophosphoranyl)methanide ligands: the influence of N-substituents on solution dynamics and reactivity
    Normant A.T., Massard A., Richard P., Canovas C., Balan C., Picquet M., Auffrant A. *, Le Gendre P. *
    Dalton Transactions2014, 356, 2937–294, DOI,
  21. Ti(OiPr)4 / nBuLi: an attractive reagent system for [2+2+2] cyclotrimerisation reactions
    Rassadin V.A., Nicolas E., Six Y. *
    Chemical Communications2014, volume 50, 7666-7669, DOI
  22. Finite temperature infrared spectra from polarizable molecular dynamics simulations
    Semrouni D., Sharma A., Dognon J-P., Ohanessian G. *, Clavaguéra C. *
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation2014, volume 28 10), 1368–1372, DOI
  23. Complete posttranslational modification mapping of pathogenic Neisseria meningitidis pilins requires top-down mass spectrometry.
    Gault J., Malosse C., Machata S., Milien C., Podjlajen I., Ploy M-C., Costello C., Dumeni G., Chamot-Rooke J. *
    Proteomics2014, volume 14, Issue 10, 1141-1151, DOI
  24. Photolysis of estrone generates estrogenic photoproducts with higher activity than the parent compound
    Souissi Y. *, Kinani S., Bouchonnet S., Bourcier S., Malosse C., Sablier M., Creusot N., Mombelli E., Aït-Aïssa S.*
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research2014, volume 21 (13), 7818-7827, DOI
  25. Anticipating the fate and impact of organic environmental contaminants: A new approach applied to the pharmaceutical furosemide
    Laurené C., Rivard M., Martens T. *, Morin C., Didier Buisson D., Bourcier S., Sablier M., Oturan M.A. *
    Chemosphere2014, volume 113, 193-199, DOI
  26. Noncovalent Chalcogen Bonds and Disulfide Conformational Change in the Cystamine-Based Hybrid Perovskite [H3N(CH2)2SS(CH2)2NH3]PbIII4
    Louvain N. *, Frison G., Dittmer J., Legein C., Mercier N. *
    European journal of Inorganic Chemistry2014, 364-376, DOI,
  27. Ion source parameters and hydrogen scrambling in the ECD of selectively deuterated peptides
    Duchateau M., Jørgensen T.J.D., Robine O., Nicol E., Malosse C., Chamot-Rooke J., van der Rest G. *
    International Journal of Mass Spectrometry2014, volume 367, 21-27 DOI
  28. Reductive cross-coupling reactions between two electrophiles
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    Chemistry. A European Journal2014, volume 20, 6828-6842, DOI
  29. Ti-mediated intramolecular cyclopropanation of N-alkenyl thioamides: scope and mechanistic study
    Hermant F., Nicolas E., Six Y. *
    Tetrahedron2014, volume 70 (25), 3924-3930, DOI
  30. Redox-active phosphines: synthesis and crystal structures of palladium(II) complexes of a metallaphosphine in two different oxidation states dagger
    Tohme A., Labouille S., Roisnel T., Dorcet V., Carmichael D. *, Paul F. * Dalton Transactions2014, volume 43 (19), 7002-7005, DOI
  31. N-aromatic heterocycle adducts of bulky [1,2,4-(Me3C)(3)C5H2](2)Sm: synthesis, structure and solution analysis
    Nocton G. *, Ricard L.
    Dalton Transactions2014, volume 43 (1), 4380-4387, DOI
  32. Oligo(metallocene)s Containing Keto- Bridged Phospholyl Rings
    Carmichael D. *, Le Goff X-F., Muller E.
    European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry2014, volume 2014 (10), 1610-1614, DOI,
  33. A tetracoordinated Phosphasalem Nickel(III) Complex
    Cao T-P-A., Nocton G., Ricard L., Le Goff X-F., Auffrant A. *
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition2014, volume 53 (5), 1368-1372 DOI
  34. Oxidative Addition to Palladium(0) Diphosphine Complexes: Observations of Mechanistic Complexity with Iodobenzene as Reactant
    Kurbangalieva A., Carmichael D., Hii KK., Jutand A. *, Brown J.M. *
    Chemistry-A European Journal , 2014, volume 20 (4), 1116-1125, DOI
  35. 25th Anniversary Article: Exploring Nanoscaled Matter from Speciation to Phase Diagrams: Metal Phosphide Nanoparticles as a Case of Study
    Carenco S., Portehault D., Boissiere C., Mézailles N., Sanchez C.*
    Advanced Materials2014, volume 26 (3), 371-389, DOI
  36. UV-visible degradation of boscalid – structural characterization of photoproducts and potential toxicity using in silica tests
    Lasalle Y., Kinani A., Rifai A., Souissi Y., Clavaguéra C., Bourcier S., Jaber R., Bouchonnet S. *
    Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry2014, volume 28 (10), 1153–1163, DOI,
  37. Pincer versus Pseudo-Pincer: Isomerism in Palladium(II) Complexes bearing κ3 C,S,C ligands
    Bernhammer J-C., Frison G. *, Huynh H.V. *
    Dalton Transactions2014, volume 43 (23), 8591-8594, DOI
  38. Le millefeuille des affiliations françaises dans les publications scientifiques
    Dassa M., Deniau A., Durand-Bartez M., Girard F., Pothier N., Sene A.
    Documentaliste - Sciences de l'Information2014, volume 51 (4), 13-16, HAL version auteur