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  • DCMR

1.      Comparison of the fragmentation pattern induced by collisions, laser excitation and electron capture. Influence of the initial excitation. R. Antoine, M. Broyer, J. Chamot-Rooke, C. Dedonder, C. Desfrançois, P. Dugourd, G. Grégoire, C. Jouvet, D. Onidas, P. Poulain, T. Tabarin, G. van der Rest, Rapid Comm. Mass Spectrom. 20, 1648-1652 (2006).

2.      A Deconvolution Method for the Separation of Specific Versus Nonspecific Interactions in Noncovalent Protein-Ligand Complexes Analyzed by ESI-FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry. T. Daubenfeld, A.-P. Bouin, G. van der Rest, J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 17, 1239-1246 (2006).

3.      Proteomic analysis of the tetraspanin web using LC-ESI-MS/MS and MALDI-FTICR-MS. M. André, J-P. Le Caer, C. Greco, S. Planchon, C. Boucheix, E. Rubinstein, J. Chamot-Rooke, F. Le Naour, Proteomics 6, 1437-1449 (2006).

4.      Identification in archaea of a novel D-Tyr-tRNA(Tyr) deacylase. M-L. Ferri-Fioni, M. Fromant, A-P. Bouin, C. Aubard, C. Lazennec, P. Plateau, S. Blanquet, J. Biol. Chem. 281, 27575-27585 (2006).

5.      Fourier transform mass spectrometry: A powerful tool for toxin analysis. L. Quinton, J-P. Le Caër, J. Vinh, N. Gilles, J. Chamot-Rooke, Toxicon 47, 715-726 (2006)

6.      Determination of Ethephon Residues in Water by Gas Chromatography with Cubic Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS³) after Ion Exchange Purification and Derivatisation with MTBSTFA. A. Royer, F. Laporte, S. Bouchonnet, P.-Y. Communal, J. Chromatogr. A 1108, 129-135 (2006)

7.      Analysis of cocaine and its major metabolites in saliva by gas chromatography- ion-trap tandem mass spectrometry. E. Cognard, S. Bouchonnet, C. Staub, J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 41, 925-34 (2006).

8.      Liquid chromatographic–electrospray ionization mass spectrometric quantitative analysis of buprenorphine, norbuprenorphine, nordiazepam and oxazepam in rat plasma. S. Pirnay, F. Hervé, S. Bouchonnet, B. Perrin, F.Baud, I. Ricordel, J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 41, 1135-1145 (2006).

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10.  Liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometric characterization of Harpagophytum in equine urine and plasma. C. Colas, P. Garcia, M.A. Popot, Y. Bonnaire, S. Bouchonnet, Rapid. Comm. Mass Spectrom. 20, 3257-3266 (2006).

11.  Detection of 28 neurotransmitters and related compounds in biological fluids by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry. S. Bourcier, J.-F. Benoist, F. Clerc, O. Rigal, M. Taghi, Y. Hoppilliard. Rapid Comm. Mass Spectrom. 20, 1405-1421 (2006).

12.  Evaluation of the protonation thermochemistry obtained by the extended kinetic method. G. Bouchoux, J. Mass Spectrom. 41, 1006-1013 (2006).

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16.  Study on the pyrolysis of polyethylene in the presence of iron and copper chlorides. L. Ji, A. Hervier, M. Sablier, Chemosphere 65, 1120-1130 (2006).

17.  A SFG experiment and ab initio study of the chemisorption of CN- on low-index platinum surfaces. M. Tadjeddine, J.P. Flament, A. Le Rille, A. Tadjeddine, Surf. Sci. 600, 2138-2153 (2006).

  • DCPH

1.     Formation and structure of a stable monoradical cation by reduction of a diphosphafulvenium salt 
F. Biaso, T. Cantat,N. Mézailles, M. Doux, P. Le Floch, M. Geoffroy
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 200645, 7036-7039. 

2.     Hybrid bidentate ligand for functional recognition: an application to regioselective C=C double bond hydrogenation Record contains structures
F. Goettmann, P. Le Floch, C. Sanchez
Chem. Comm. 200619, 2036-2038.

3.     Highly regioselective terminal alkynes hydroformylation and Pauson-Khand reaction catalysed by mesoporous organised zirconium oxide based powders Record contains structures
F. Goettmann, P. Le Floch, C. Sanchez
Chem. Comm. 20062, 180-182. 

4.     Synthesis of a new stable, neutral organothulium(II) complex by reduction of a thulium(III) precursor Record contains structures
F. Jaroschik, F. Nief, L. Ricard
Chem. Comm. 20064, 426-428.

5.     An unprecedented radical ring closure on a pyridine nitrogen 
M. El Qacemi, L. Ricard, SZ.
Chem. Comm. 200642, 4422-4424.

6.     Phosphaalkene, phospholyl and phosphinine ligands: New tools in coordination chemistry and catalysis
P. Le Floch
Coord. Chem. Rev. 2006250, 627-681.

7.     The chemistry of phosphinines: Syntheses, coordination chemistry and catalysis 
N. Mézailles, P. Le Floch
Curr. Org. Chem.200610, 3-25.

8.     Phosphorus-phosphorus coupling in a diphosphine with a ten bond P center dot center dot center dot P separation 
P. Kuhn, C. Jeunesse, D. Matt, J. Harrowfield, L. Ricard
Dalton Trans. 200628, 3454-3457

9.     Crystal structure of 5-acetyl-25,27-dipropyloxy-26,28-acetyloxy-calix[4]arene ethyl acetate hemisolvate, C40H42O7 . 1/2(C4H8O2), partial cone
A. Louati, D. Matt, L. Ricard
Z. Kristallogr. - New Cryst. Struct. 2006, 551-554.

10.   4,6-Bis(supermesitylphosphanylidenemethyl)dibenzofuran: Synthesis, X-ray structure and reactivity towards group 11 metals 
E. Deschamps, B. Deschamps, J.L. Dormieux, L. Ricard, N. Mézailles, P. Le Floch
Dalton Trans. 20064, 594-602.

11.   Diamagnetic versus paramagnetic structure of SPS-type pincer-based Co-I, Rh-I, and Ir-I complexes 
M. Doux, P. Le Floch, Y. Jean
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 200610, 2035-2039.

12.   Testing phosphanes in the palladium-catalysed allylation of secondary and primary amines 
C. Thoumazet, H. Grutzmacher, B. Deschamps, L. Ricard, P. Le Floch
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 200619, 3911-3922.

13.   A new family of mono- and dicarboxylic ruthenium complexes [Ru(DIP)(2)(L-2)](2+) (DIP=4,7-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline): Synthesis, solution behavior, and X-ray molecular structure of trans-[Ru(DIP)(2)(MeOH)(2)][OTf](2) 
R. Caspar, C. Cordier, J.B. Waern, C. Guyard-Duhayon, M. Gruselle, P. Le Floch, H. Amouri
Inorg. Chem. ,200645, 4071-4078.

14.   Direct orthoruthenation of planar prochiral pyridine derivatives by C-H bond activation with [Ru(CO)(2)Cl-2](n) and its unexpected stereoselectivity 
A. Hijazi, J.P. Djukic, M. Pfeffer, L. Ricard, N. Kyritsakas-Gruber, J. Raya, P. Bertani, A. de Cian
Inorg. Chem. 200645, 4589-4591.

15.   Lanthanide and uranium complexes with an SPS-based pincer ligand 
T. Arliguie, M. Doux, N. Mézailles, P. Thuery, P. Le Floch, M. Ephritikhine
Inorg. Chem. 200645, 9907-9913. 

16.   Trinuclear magnetic clusters based on cyanide metal complexes: synthesis, crystal structures, and magnetic properties of four new [Mn(II)2M(III)] complexes (M = Cr, Fe, Co) 
C. Paraschiv, M. Andruh, Y, Journaux, Z. Zak, N. Kyritsakas, L. Ricard
J. Mater. Chem. 200616, 2660-2668.

17.   1-Boryl-3,4-dimethylphosphole trimer: Synthesis, crystal structure and quantum chemical calculations 
P.T. Nguyen-Nguyen, T.H. Ngoc-Hoa, N. Pham-Cam, L. Ricard, N. Minh Tho
J. Organomet. Chem. 2006691, 4058-4064.

18.   DFT study on the palladium-catalyzed allylation of primary amines by allylic alcohol 
O. Piechaczyk, C. Thoumazet, Y. Jean, P. Le Floch
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2006 128, 14306-14317.

19.   A new and convenient approach towards bis-(iminophosphoranyl)methane ligands and their dicationic, cationic, anionic and dianionic derivatives. 
M. Demange, L. Boubekeur, A. Auffrant, N. Mézailles, L. Ricard, X. Le Goff, P. Le Floch
New J. Chem. 200630, 1745.

20.   C-2-BIPNOR: An easily accessible homologue of BIPNOR for asymmetric catalysis Record contains structures
M. Siutkowski, F. Mercier, L. Ricard, F. Mathey
Organomettalics 200625, 2585-2589.

21.   Nitrogen-assisted ortho lithiation: One-pot synthesis of new classes of bidentate and tetradentate mixed P similar to N ligands Record contains structures
L. Boubekeur, L. Ricard, N. Mézailles, M. Demange, A. Auffrant, P. Le Floch
Organometallics 200625, 3091-3094.

22.   Electronic structure and evolution of a terminal butadienylphosphinidene complex 
T.H. Ngoc-Huy, S.Hao, L. Ricard, F. Mathey
Organometallics 200625, 3152-3155.

23.   A stable hydrido amido ruthenium complex bearing a tridentate iminophosphorane-phosphine-amine ligand Record contains structures
L. Boubekeur, S. Ulmer, L. Ricard, N. Mézailles, P. Le Floch
Organometallics 200625, 315-317.

24.   Phosphorus-stabilized geminal dianions 
T. Cantat, L. Ricard, P. Le Floch, N. Mézailles
Organometallics 200625, 4965-4976.

25.   The use of phosphirenes as conjugating spacers in polythiophene chains 
T.H. Ngoc-Huy, E. Perrier, L. Ricard, P.C Nam
Organometallics 200625, 5176-5179.

26.   Addition of H-2 on (Sulfur, phosphorus, sulfur)-pincer-based rhodium(I), iridium(I), palladium(II), and platinum(II) complexes: Reactivity and regioselectivity 
M. Doux, L. Ricard, P. Le Floch, Y. Jean
Organometallics 200625, 1101-1111.

27.   Thulium alkylidene complexes: Synthesis, X-ray structures, and reactivity Record contains structures
T. Cantat, F. Jaroschik, L. Ricard, P. Le Floch, F. Nief, N. Mézailles
Organometallics 200625, 1329-1332.

28.   A new bidentate aminophosphole-olefin ligand for the rhodium-catalyzed hydroformylation of mono- and disubstituted olefins.
G. Mora, S. van Zutphen, C. Thoumazet, X. Le Goff, L. Ricard, H. Grützmacher, P. Le Floch
Organometallics 200625, 5528-5532.

29.   Synthesis, Reactivity and DFT Studies of S~C~S Zirconium(IV) Complexes 
T. Cantat, L. Ricard, N. Mézailles, P. Le Floch
Organometallics 200625, 6030-6038.

30.   EPR and DFT studies of the one-electron reduction product of phospholium cations 
P. Adkine, T. Cantat, E. Deschamps, L. Ricard, N. Mézailles, P. Le Floch, M. Geoffroy
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 200687, 862-868.

31.   Metallic nanoparticles hosted in mesoporous oxide thin films for catalytic applications 
G. Cortial, M. Siutkowski, F. Goettmann, A. Moores, C. Boissière, D. Grosso, P. Le Floch, C. Sanchez
Small 20062, 1042-1045. 

32.   Periodically organized mesoporous silica thin layers as host for phosphinines-stabilized gold nanoparticles: UV-visible sensing of small thiols and phosphines 
F. Goettmann, A. Moores, C. Boissiere, P. Le Floch C. Sanchez
Thin Solid Film 2006495, 280-285. 

33.   Synthesis of Model BC Bicycles of Taxol Using C10-C11 Ring-Closing Metathesis Strategy
S. Schiltz, C. Ma, L. Ricard, J. Prunet
J. Organomet. Chem. 2006691, 5438-5443.