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The LCM laboratory is equipped with a single-crystal X-Ray diffractometer. This device is part of the DIFFRAX platform which involves the equipment and skills of 4 laboratories of the research center (PMC, PICM, LSI and LCM).

Our diffractometer is a Nonius FR590 Kappa CCD equipped with a Mo Xray tube, a graphite monochromator and the APEX II detector. A cryostream system completes this equipment allowing to run analysis under inert atmosphere.

The diffractometer is equipped with a Mo Xray tube to answer the specific needs of the laboratory: lanthanide or transition metal complexes, MOF and organic compounds. However this list is non-exhaustive and new projects are alsways welcomed.

Because most of our crystals are air-sensitive the lab is equipped with two microscopes, one of which (a stereomicroscope) being placed in a glovebox.


The activities of the technical service include:

  • choice and mounting of the crystal on a kapton loop
  • unit cell and Bravais group determination
  • indexing and scaling of data
  • structural resolution and refinement
  • creation of the cif file and CCDC submission for publication

All measurements are done at 31 mA and 55 kV. Moreover crystals are under a liquid N2 flux at a temperature of 150 K. These analyses can be done at other temperatures if necessary. Different types of mounting oil can be used depending on the reactivity and sensitivity of the crystals.


For more information on our platform or for analysis service, please feel free to contact:

Marie Cordier
Phone: +33 (0)169 334 813
Expertise: SCXRD

Service provision for public, private laboratories or industry: please contact us for quotation.

All the scientific collaborators of the platform commit to mention in their publications that the diffraction data were collected with our diffractometer and also commit to communicate to DIFFRAX their publications.