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Publications 2020

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17. Phosphasalen group IV metal complexes: synthesis, characterization and ring opening polymerization of lactide.
Normand, A. T.; Malacea-Kabbara, R.; Lapenta, R.; Dajnak, A.; Richard, P.; Cattey, H.; Bolley, A.; Grassi, A.; Milione, S.; Auffrant, A.; Dagorne, S.; Le Gendre, P.
Dalton Trans. 2020, 49 (21), 6989-7004.
16. Laboratory scale UV–visible degradation of acetamiprid in aqueous marketed mixtures - Structural elucidation of photoproducts and toxicological consequences.
Nicol, E.; Varga, Z.; Vujovic, S.; Bouchonnet, S.
Chemosphere 2020, 248, 126040.
15. [(dcpp)Ni(η2-arene)] precursors: synthesis, reactivity, and catalytic application to the Suzuki–Miyaura reaction.
D’Accriscio, F.; Ohleier, A.; Nicolas, E.; Demange, M.; Thillaye Du Boullay, O.; Saffon-Merceron, N.; Fustier-Boutignon, M.; Rezabal, E.; Frison, G.; Nebra, N.; Mézailles, N.
Organometallics 2020, 39 (10), 1688-1699.
14. Base-assisted intramolecular C–N coupling reaction from NH2-bound cyclopalladated L-phenylalanine to indoline-2-carboxylic acid.
Jacquin-Labarre, A.; Coufourier, S.; Tamion, R.; Le Foll, A.; Levacher, V.; Afonso, C.; Gandon, V.; Journot, G.; Brière, J.-F.; Hoarau, C.
Organometallics 2020, 39 (5), 767-773.
13. Tridentate NNN ligand associating amidoquinoline and iminophosphorane: synthesis and coordination to Pd and Ni centers.
Mazaud, L.; Tricoire, M.; Bourcier, S.; Cordier, M.; Gandon, V.; Auffrant, A.
Organometallics 2020, 39 (5), 719-728.
12. Superelectrophilic gallium(III) homodimers in gallium chloride mediated methylation of benzene: a theoretical study.
Yang, S.; Bour, C.; Gandon, V.
ACS Catal. 2020, 10 (5), 3027-3033.
11. Tethered counterion-directed catalysis: merging the chiral ion-pairing and bifunctional ligand strategies in enantioselective gold(I) catalysis.
Zhang, Z.; Smal, V.; Retailleau, P.; Voituriez, A.; Frison, G.; Marinetti, A.; Guinchard, X.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142 (8), 3797-3805.
10. An unconventional sulfur-to-selenium-to-carbon radical transfer: chemo-and regioselective cyclization of yne-ynamides.
Dutta, S.; Prabagar, B.; Vanjari, R.; Gandon, V.; Sahoo, A. K.
Green Chem. 2020, 22 (4), 1113-1118.
9. Cryo-EM study of an archaeal 30S initiation complex gives insights into evolution of translation initiation. 
Coureux, P.-D.; Lazennec-Schurdevin, C.; Bourcier, S.; Mechulam, Y.; Schmitt, E.
Commun. Biol. 2020, 3 (1), 58.
8. Use of β3-methionine as an amino acid substrate of Escherichia coli methionyl-tRNA synthetase.
Nigro, G.; Bourcier, S.; Lazennec-Schurdevin, C.; Schmitt, E.; Marlière, P.; Mechulam, Y.
J. Struct. Biol. 2020, 209 (2), 107435.
7. Aerosol synthesis of thermally stable porous noble metals and alloys by using bi-functional templates.
Odziomek, M.; Bahri, M.; Boissière, C.; Sanchez, C.; Lassalle-Kaiser, B.; Zitolo, A.; Ersen, O.; Nowak, S.; Tard, C.; Giraud, M.; Faustini, F.; Peron, J.
Mater. Horiz. 2020, 7 (2), 541-550.
6. Photodegradation of benzisothiazolinone: Identification and biological activity of degradation products.
Varga, Z.; Nicol, E.; Bouchonnet, S.
Chemosphere 2020240, 124862.
5. Formal [8+3]-annulation between azaoxyallyl cations and tropones.
Force, G.; Pérot, A.; Guillot, R.; Gandon, V.; Leboeuf, D.
Synthesis 2020, 52 (04), 553-564.
4. Enantioselective synthesis of complex fused heterocycles through chiral phosphoric acid catalyzed intramolecular inverse-electron-demand aza-Diels–Alder reactions.
Jarrige, L.; Gandon, V.; Masson, G.
Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26 (6), 1406-1413.
3. Enantioselective total synthesis of cymoside through a bioinspired oxidative cyclization of a strictosidine derivative.
Dou, Y.; Kouklovsky, C.; Gandon, V.; Vincent, G.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59 (4), 1527-1531.

2. Rational de novo design of a Cu-metalloenzyme for superoxide dismutation.
Mathieu, E.; Tolbert, A. E.; Koebke, K. J.; Tard, C.; Iranzo, O.; Penner-Hahn, J. E.; Policar, C.; Pecoraro, V. L.
Chem. Eur. J. 202026 (1), 249-258.

1. Tracking monochloramine decomposition in MIMS analysis. 
Roumiguières, A.; Kinani, S.; Bouchonnet, S.
Sensors 202020 (1), 241.