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WP60 - Public relation

- Strengthening the ICAN community by trans-national networking
- Establishing a plan for disseminating the data, results and information presented through the ICAN Project
- Enhancing the visibility of the ICAN concept worldwide
- Maintaining the open part of the ICAN website
- Identifying and approaching the Funding Agencies that may contribute to the construction of an infrastructure based on the ICAN concept
- Preparing the future communication tools and policy after the ICAN Project
- Identifying and promoting opportunities for industry
- Identifying and where possible influencing critical industrial decisions

WP60 - The dowloadable version
The deliverables :
D60.1 Newsletters and proceedings after each of the 2 first conferences
D60.2 Brochure and proceeding after the last conference
D60.3 Mid-term and final reports issued after the technical WS aimed at specific and identified audiences
D60.4 Mid-term and final reports on the international communication efforts
D60.5 First list of the Funding Agencies that are potentially interested in financing or cofinancing an infrastructure
D60.6 Preliminary draft of the budget for the construction, operation and decomissioning of such an infrastructure