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WP21 - Fiber laser components

- Developing a component strategy for the ICAN laser system
- Identifying the critical components (primarily high volume components) and component options
- Realizing an assessment of the projected cost structure
- Assessing the trade-off between component cost & performance for overall system cost optimization
- Identifying the synergies with developments in related areas, in particular commercial ones
- Selecting the most promising alternatives and ensure there are no “show-stoppers”
A European perspective will be maintained as appropriate, whilst still ensuring that ICAN is attractive for global participation. Alignment with commercial organizations and initiatives will be emphasized, especially European ones. This will help to establish a European leadership in the potentially very large and scene-setting fields of Wakefield accelerators and phased-array lasers, as well as strengthen the European position in fiber lasers and components in general.

WP21 - The dowloadable version

The deliverables :
D21.1 Preliminary report from first workshops on fibre laser components
D21.2 Contribution to final implementation plan
D21.3 Optical design based on most suitable components (based on WP21a.3) and system aspects (based on D22.2) to assess manufacturability and cost